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Aesandry Darlaeth Rewrite · on 05/06/2009 09:19:18 PM 2793
The Aesandry Darlaeth spell has been rewritten.

The Good:

1: The vitality drain is gone. Kaput. No more.
2: The Reflex bonus has been significantly increased and is now a primary feature of the spell.

The Bad:

3: The Evasion skill bonus has been removed.
4: The Balance adjustment has been reduced. The maximum possible balance it will grant you is now in-line with similar spells, and it will only grant you a portion of that balance per pulse, not all of it. The amount of balance per pulse is based on the amount of held mana you are holding.

The Ugly:

5: Messaging has been completely redone.
6: Some back end stuff in the spell you will not care about unless it breaks.

This is currently live in Prime and Platinum. It will go live in Fallen after a few days of observation.


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