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Re: Advertising · on 03/13/2015 04:22 AM CDT 1199
>IIRC, organic reach by fans of DR sharing posts made by DR does notably better for clickthrough than paid ads.

I've been hands on with some of the DR Facebook posts for a while, and while I can't speak to the paid ads part (higher up than me for that), but...

I can definitely say that these more recent posts about F2P where people engage with them (liking, sharing, commenting) has made a VERY noticeable impact in getting others engaged, including former players. I'm not a fan of FB thinking they know what I want to see or not, but posts that have high engagement do get "seen" more.

If you don't follow us on Facebook yet, please consider doing so. If/when you do, be a part of the community there! Even if it's just clicking like, it does provide a boost.

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