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Re: A question about new mastery skills · on 1/2/2011 12:55:48 PM 9371
>>After the hoopla, if you listen to a weapon class, will you also at the same time learn the corresponding "mastery" skill from the class?

Very unlikely. Although your initial ranks of the masteries will be influenced by your taught ranks (since there's no way to tell the difference), teaching won't teach the mastery skills as well.

>>In the same vein, will mastery skills be teachable?


>>but they do absolutely nothing unless they are higher than your weapon correct? I feel they are just fillers that reduce the larger bonus pool that I would of gotten if they didn't exist. Why were they decided to be even crated?

Their initial application will only be to augment melee/ranged ranks if the mastery skill is above them, yep.

They were created for a few reasons. The first is to make backtraining suck a lot less - Your competency (and ability to fill your experience pools quickly) will be pretty notably increased. The second is so that we are able to understand and apply a concept of 'general melee/ranged competence' without doing something awkward like relying on your highest weapon.

We might be doing some special magic with how the mastery ranks are assigned during the conversion, so keep in mind that the process originally outlined might not have been the final word.

Also, for you (and Hanryu), remember that the main reason you're losing so many TDPs is because you trained REALLY broadly, which in turn means that your overflow pools will be pretty full, which will augment your learning rate for quite a while.

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