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A conversation from the perspective of a nosy Moon Mage · on 1/10/2011 9:28:25 PM 7140
Raenilar says, "Explain."

Jappal says, "Not I, my King, but a few members wanted to attend. To show respect to the fallen."

Raenilar says, "I am hearing an odd rumor."

(You hear XXXXX's loud thoughts in your head saying, "Raenilar just told him he found out Jappal and some people wanted to go to Shard for war memorial")

Raenilar says, "That when they attend they plan to disrupt it."

Raenilar asks, "Do you know if this is true?"

Jappal says, "No, they would never. It was never the intent. That would be dishonorable."

Raenilar says, "I thought as much."

Jappal says, "We may not be in the Desert but we are Tribe, and represent it with Honor."

Raenilar asks, "If they attend they do know they will be attacked?"

Jappal says, "They accept the outcome, if they the locals in Shard wish to deliver violence to them."

Raenilar says, "I would not want to have to avenge the fallen and have those in the south catch a case of the vapors if I was to go there."

Jappal says, "If they go, they know the dangers, and accept the death with honor, if it comes."

Jappal says, "They know to leave, if a disruption happens."

Raenilar says, "If they go I expect them to behave with complete honor."

Raenilar says, "Do not fail me in this."

Raenilar says, "What my tribe does I must own."

Jappal says, "Yes, my King."

Jappal asks, "You look well. And I hope the Tribe is as well?"

Raenilar asks, "How many of you are still loyal?"

Jappal says, "Well, our numbers have grown. Of the original we still have Craetos, Lome, and myself."

Jappal says, "But we have also taken 11 in recruit."

Raenilar asks, "Is that so?"

Jappal says, "Yes."

Raenilar says, "I will need to see them."

Raenilar says, "In fact I should see you all."

Jappal says, "I believe Lome has awoken."

Raenilar says, "Find a time to gather them and inform me."

This message was originally posted in Events and Happenings in DragonRealms' Elanthia (13) \ Ilithi Events (16), by VAHLISSA on the forums.