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(OOC log)

(OOC LOG meeting with King Raenilar)

You sink down in a deep curtsy before Arhhdan, your lashes lowered.
Raenilar asks, "So what is it you have to say to me?"
Raenilar folds his arms across his chest.
You gaze at Tiso.
You gaze at Wyndz.
Tiso says to Raenilar, "I had expected Wyndz to speaks. But I wills."
Wyndz gives a slight nod.
You get an odd feeling that someone is watching you. It quickly passes.
Caprianna moves over to guard Raenilar.
Darkgaze says, "Kelvena locating me now"
Raenilar fixes Caprianna with a serene, lofty stare.
Darkgaze frowns.
Caprianna gnaws on her lip.
Tiso says, "The Baron has asked the Princess to marry him."
Raenilar nods.
Caprianna stops guarding Raenilar.
Caprianna fidgets nervously.
Raenilar says, "Word has leaked but I was awaiting details."
Arhhdan hisses.
Angel nods to Wyndz.
Arhhdan hisses, "Bold move."
Tiso says, "Perhaps...The Therengians should speak on his behalf."
Wyndz gives Tiso a slight nod.
Raenilar says, "Someone should speak soon."
You gaze down at the floor.
Wyndz says to Raenilar, "The Baron has fallen in love with the Princess and released the Chamberlain from the arrangement"
Wyndz says to Raenilar, "The Princess has accepted his proposal"
Raenilar asks, "She did without asking me?"
Raeyshactos whispers, "Oh boy..."
whisper tiso that's not exactly right
Wyndz says to Raenilar, "The Baron also wished me to express to you that he would be honored and his joy to marry your sister"
You shake your head.
Wyndz gives Raenilar a slight nod.
Tiso shifts his weight.
You gaze at Tiso.
Purnay clears his throat.
Lomelinde whispers, "I do not like this leaving the princess either."
Tiso says, "She will accept, with ye approval, me King."
Raenilar asks, "No one thought to adress me until after the fact?"
You raise your hand.
Tiso says, "Zu me King. It not be that way. She does await ye approval."
Jappal says, "Love moves in heartbeat quickness"
Tiso says, "And will do as ye wish of her. But, they do be determined to marry."
Raenilar asks, "And this Lord Chamberlain he gives up just like that?"
Tiso says, "He..had fallen in love with another."
Caprianna nods.
Tiso says, "I believes he has already married her."
Tiso peers quizzically at Drexella.
Drexella says, "Not yet."
Raenilar asks, "Someone more suitable than my sister?"
Tiso says to Raenilar, "Then it is to be soon."
Tiso says, "Someone he loves, me King."
Wyndz says, "The Chamberlain has met with the Baron and the Princess "
Wyndz says, "And he has asked another to wed."
Tiso says, "Ye sister does loves the Baron. And he, her. As fact be, he is willing to give up an alliance."
Tiso says to Raenilar, "And even have the duel with ye."
Terra winces.
Raenilar smiles.
Jappal smiles slowly
Drexella asks, "If I may..?"
Raenilar nods to Drexella.
Drexella says, "It is not that your sister is unsuitable in any fashion. "
Darkgaze nods to Angel.
Angel says, "Excuse me"
Wyndz clears her throat.
Darkgaze says, "And myself good kings"
Drexella says, "Our Baron and she have spent much time hunting, playing chess and doing things that they both enjoy."
Angel takes her rightful place beside Darkgaze.
Raenilar nods to Angel.
Darkgaze bows.
Protector Darkgaze's group just went south.
whisper tiso oh my god that can so be taken the wrong way.You whisper to Tiso.
Drexella says, "They have found each other to be very good to spend time with and have fallen in love but would have gone through with their duties if needbe, as would our Chamberlain."
Terra quietly says, "I must step away a moment. My Lord Kings. Please pardon."
Wyndz folds her arms across her chest.
Terra bows.
Terra just left.
Arhhdan hisses, "Thisss will but the cat in with the canariesss I wager."
Drexella says, "When our Baron declared his feelings, she said the only thing stopping her was your permission."
Tiso grins at Arhhdan.
Tiso nods to Arhhdan.
Rallyne gazes at Drexella.
Drexella says, "This delegation is here to seek your approval."
Wyndz nods to Drexella.
Alexii blinks.
Raenilar says, "So my sister and the Baron have been falling in love while the chamberlain is devoted to another ..."
You sigh.
Jappal shifts his weight.
Tiso gives a slight nod.
You gaze at Tiso.
Lomelinde whispers, "I am trying to get someone to say something to let us go back to Theren for the princess."
Veralika smiles, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.
Drexella says, "He was already devoted to another but found himself honor bound to go through with the contract."
Raenilar nods.
You ask, "Your Highness may I say something small My King?"
Tiso says to Raenilar, "He should have told me that before."
Wyndz says, "And he did give her a ring with intent to follow through on that duty"
Wyndz says, "Until the Princess and Baron decided otherwise"
Raenilar's eyes flash with a bright light for a moment.
Tiso winces.
You ask, "Princess Macja was clear she wishes to speak on Her own behalf if someone could escort Her?"
Raenilar asks, "My sister is here?"
Purnay quietly says to Wyndz, "thought it was a neckless because she had already accepted the Chamberlain's ring and couldn't accept another"
Tiso whisper to your group, "Red good, bright light bad..He be mad."
Tiso says, "We can gates her here."
Tiso nods to Raenilar.
Jappal whispers to your group, "I can open the gate at the keep"
Raenilar nods.
Raenilar says, "I would have her explain herself."
Wyndz gives a slight nod.
Alexii stretches out a hand imploringly to Jappal.
Alexii says, "Come with me Jappal."
Tiso asks, "Lome and Alexii? Will ye go through the gate to gets her?"
Raenilar says, "While we wait."
Tiso nods to Raeyshactos.
Environmentalist Alexii's group climbed down some stairs leading down.
Raenilar says, "Tell me how this news was met in Therengia and Shard."
Rallyne smirks to herself.
Wyndz says, "Therengians have mixed feelings about it due to the past War"
Wyndz says, "There are old wounds"
Wyndz says, "As for the matter of Shard.."
Tiso appears to be trying hard not to grin.
Tiso nods to Raeyshactos.
Wyndz says, "The Ferdahl has issued a statement that if they go through with the marriage, they will break the alliance with Theren."
Raenilar chuckles.
You grin at Raenilar.
Raenilar says, "Bold of her."
Wyndz gives a slight nod.
Tiso nods in agreement.
Environmentalist Alexii's group climbed up some stairs leading down.
Wyndz says, "This hasn't detered the Baron"
Alexii says, "My lord Kings."
Jappal bows to Raenilar.
You sink down in a deep curtsy before Macja, your lashes lowered.
Lomelinde bows to Raenilar.
Solvar bows to Macja.
Gwenddolyn curtsies to Raenilar.
Tiso bows to Macja.
Macja raises an eyebrow.
Raenilar raises an eyebrow.
Wyndz nods graciously at Macja, giving her a polite smile.
Gwenddolyn curtsies to Arhhdan.
Ghodbane bows to Raenilar.
Aaiyaah bows to Macja.
Raenilar says, "Sister."
Macja curtsies to Raenilar.
Veralika bows to Macja.
Lomelinde bows to Arhhdan.
Macja curtsies to Arhhdan.
Raenilar says, "You know the king."
Flaree bows to Macja.
You softly say to Macja, "We tried to wait as long as we dared, sorry Your Highness."
Macja slings a glittering gold shield inlaid with a fire opal dragon over her shoulder.
Arhhdan hisses, "Greetingsss princessssss."
Macja puts on a pale pink orchid.
With a graceful movement of her hands, Dulcinie lowers her head and sinks into a formal curtsy before Raenilar.
Raenilar says, "I am hearing the most amazing story."
Macja says, "Oh you are fine, and pardon the interruption. I was not told of this meeting and was rather ..."
Macja ponders.
Macja says, "...perterbed."
Raeyshactos moves over to guard Macja.
Raenilar says, "Love and secret love and betrothal..."
You say to Macja, "I am sorry my messenger failed you....there have been assassains about."
Macja says to Raenilar, "I am sure that you are."
Macja smiles blandly.
Macja takes a seat.
Macja says, "Please, do continue. NO reason to stop on my account."
Raenilar says, "Perhaps you can ..."
Raenilar fixes Alexii with a serene, lofty stare.
Raenilar asks, "What they say is not true?"
Macja whispers something to Aaiyaah.
Raenilar asks, "This is why you are angry little sister?"
Macja says, "I know not what they have said."
Raenilar says, "That you love the Baron and would marry him."
Macja says, "I was prepared to do my duty, brother, and marry the chamberlain as was honorable."
Aaiyaah whispers something to Macja.
Raenilar nods.
Macja says, "The Baron dissolved that contract and proposed to me himself."
Raenilar asks, "And this pleases you?"
Wyndz gazes silently at Macja.
Macja says, "There is certainly hope that you will agree to it, since he is in essence, the King of Therengia."
Macja says, "It pleases me. He is a good man."
You smile at Macja.
Raenilar says, "I am well aware of his royal status."
Macja says, "He has been most attentive."
Raenilar asks, "Is he willing to fight for you?"
Tiso wrings his hands nervously.
Wyndz gives a slight nod.
Macja whispers something to Aaiyaah.
Macja says, "He is. he will be furious when he hears I have come."
Macja says, "I believe he did not want to let me come to the desert for fear you would not let me return."
Raenilar smiles.
Aaiyaah whispers something to Macja.
Tiso gives a slight nod.
Raenilar says, "Then so be it there will be a duel."
Macja whispers something to Gwenddolyn.
Jappal smiles slowly
Gwenddolyn nods to Macja.
Tiso looks thoughtfully at Raenilar.
Raenilar asks, "It is a tradition here and in Therengia is it not?"
Macja says, "Tiso has been concerned of losing his head."
Gwenddolyn nods.
Wyndz says, "It is."
Wyndz nods to Raenilar.
Tiso nods to Macja.
Macja says, "I have told him this is not his fault."
Janneth quietly asks Gwenddolyn, "Does the Baron need a Second?"
Tiso says to Raenilar, "I tried me King."
Raenilar asks, "No it is not his fault , how can he keep watch on my wayward sister and a Baron?"
Macja says, "To his credit, he did. The Baron would hear nothing of it."
Jappal shifts his weight.
Macja raises an eyebrow in Raenilar's direction.
Raenilar says, "Don't raise that eyebrow to me, since we were children you would have your way."
Tiso chuckles.
Dulcinie grins slowly.
Macja says, "which is why I risked his wrath in coming here. Because you and I both know that so long as I am within the bounds of honor, you would be hard pressed to keep me in the desert against my will."
Tiso says, "Me King? Not that I should be concerned ...or overly concerned. But, the alliance the Baron be lossing. Me heart be heavy over it."
Raenilar snorts, loudly.
Alexii grins.
Jappal smiles slowly
Raenilar says, "The Ferdahl is behaving as a child."
Raenilar says, "Cutting off her nose to spite her face."
You nod to Raenilar.
Macja says, "We did kill her predecessor."
Raenilar says, "Yes and that was a honorable blood debt."
Macja says, "Of course it was."
Tiso nods in agreement.
Macja says, "But some people have trouble letting go of the past."
Raenilar says, "It is done and I have no ill will towards them now."
Raenilar says, "Yes that is true."
Tiso says, "She feels there still be a threat upon her and the Mountain."
Raenilar says, "What I owe the mountain will be paid in time."
Jappal smiles slowly
Tiso nods to Raeyshactos.
Macja says, "As it should be."
Tiso nods to Raenilar.
Raenilar says, "But let us return to the matter at hand."
Alexii asks, "My King, what if these actions would stir the mountian?"
Macja says, "Now. I will be quiet and let the chosen ambassadors talk contracts and whatever else was to be discussed."
Macja says, "But I was not goign to allow them to lose their heads over a decision I felt was honorable."
Raenilar says, "I am not cutting off heads this day."
Macja says, "I was quite .. annoyed.. that this meeting was arranged without my knowledge."
Tiso rubs his neck.
Raenilar asks, "So then you love the Baron and find him an honorable warrior?"
Macja says, "I will not speak of love in this place, as it is not my way. But he is an admirable man and never have I used that word lightly."
Raenilar ponders.
Tiso whispers something to Macja.
Macja whispers something to Tiso.
Raenilar says, "Well I have my answer regardless."
Raenilar chuckles.
Tiso nods to Macja.
Darkgaze smiles.
Macja says, "good."
Tiso whispers something to Macja.
Angel smiles.
Raenilar says, "So be it I send you back to Therengia betrothed to the Baron but he must meet me in single combat."
You beam at Raenilar!
Wyndz gives a slight nod.
Gwenddolyn grins at Macja, her dimples flashing into view.
Dulcinie smiles at Raenilar.
Dulcinie smiles at Macja.
Tiso gives a slight nod.
You get an odd feeling that someone is watching you. It quickly passes.
You gaze fondly at Macja.
Tiso gazes upward.
Jappal says, "Lerrasha for Arhhdan"
Janneth quietly asks Gwenddolyn, "I don't know their custom. Does the Baron need to win or just fight well?"
Raenilar asks, "I assume Therengians there are new treaties and agreements to go over?"
Macja looks to be a little deflated with no place to direct her anger, energy radiating off of her in almost visible waves.
Raenilar chuckles at Macja.
A full-grown raccoon scrambles into the room.
Caprianna grins at Macja.
Macja says, "Well then, that was .. easy."
Macja squints at Raenilar.
Tiso winces.
Macja rises to her feet fluidly, like a large, graceful cat.
A full-grown raccoon places a chocolate cupcake in Macja's hand.
Purnay gets a copperwood longbow from inside his kidskin baldric.
Purnay offers Macja a copperwood longbow.
Raenilar says, "Sister I know you to well."
Gwenddolyn says, "that was Lerrasha locating the King Arhhdan"
Purnay whistles a few soft, twittering notes.
Macja gazes at her cupcake.
Macja offers Aaiyaah a chocolate cupcake.
Aaiyaah accepts Macja's chocolate cupcake.
A full-grown raccoon sniffs the ground.
Jappal rolls his eyes.
Wyndz says, "The Baron says the new treaties are in the works. I don't have the details but I'll contact the Wiseman when arrangements can be made to meet again."
A full-grown raccoon cleans its face with its paws.
Purnay hums to himself.
Raenilar says, "You will have what you will have."
Raenilar nods to Wyndz.
You smile at Raenilar.
A full-grown raccoon sits down.
Aaiyaah puts his cupcake in his mesh backpack.
Macja nods to Aaiyaah.
Tiso whispers something to Raenilar.
Macja asks, "Who would bring me a cupcake?"
Raenilar says, "And certainly getting a ruler for a brother in law is not a bad thing."
An elderly S'Kra Mur man in a flowing gamantang strolls into the area, looking around casually.
The elderly S'Kra Mur man wanders off.
Tiso gets a bottle of Talan Sathra wine from inside his spidersilk backpack.
Wyndz slowly empties her lungs.
Tiso offers Lomelinde a bottle of Talan Sathra wine.
Wyndz shifts her weight.
Terra asks, "A cupcake?"
You grin at Raeyshactos.
Raenilar ponders.
Purnay asks, "what if it was Vorclaf?"
Macja asks, "Shall I return to the keep with my escort or shall we stay?"
Lomelinde declines Tiso's offer.
Tiso grins at Lomelinde.
Raenilar says, "You may go to your future husband."
Angel smiles at Raenilar.
Gwenddolyn smiles, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.
Macja joins Gwenddolyn's group.
Tiso says to Raenilar, "We has brought ye a special blend of wine, me King. I knows how ye likes ye wine."
Tiso offers Raenilar a bottle of Talan Sathra wine.
Ghodbane gestures.
Raenilar says, "But I fear we may have trouble."
Raenilar says, "I am fasting Tiso."
Alexii observes Raenilar with fascination.
Raenilar stands up.
Ghodbane gestures.
A fierce blue-white glare forces you to avert your eyes for a moment. When it subsides, a blue Moongate stands before you, rippling slightly.
Janneth gazes thoughtfully at Raenilar.
Tiso asks, "Oohh it be that time again?"
Raenilar peers through the Moongate.
Alexii asks, "Trouble, my King?"
Tiso puts his wine in his 's bundle.
Macja says, "Shade and Water."
Raenilar says, "Go quickly I think someone seeks me."
Lomelinde bows to Macja.
Senior Commander Gwenddolyn's group went through a blue Moongate.
Raenilar smiles.
Alexii stands near Raenilar.
Alexii slides his left arm through the straps on his oval shield and flexes.
Tiso nods to Lomelinde.
Arhhdan hisses, "Thisss isss neutral ground."
Wyndz nods to Arhhdan.
Darkgaze gives a slight nod.
Solvar asks, "Permission good kings to summon my familiar briefly?"
Alexii asks, "What are we to do good king if one brings fight to us?"
Jappal smiles slowly
Arhhdan hisses, "If they break my lawsss I will have them arresssted."
Alexii nods politely.
Raenilar shakes his head at Aaiyaah.
Alexii asks, "Will you allow us our shields, good king?"
Alexii smiles.
Darkgaze says to Raenilar, "If I may King Raenilar? I have a question, will only take but a moment"
Raenilar nods to Darkgaze.
You ask Raenilar, "Do you have new duties for The Princess' Tribal attendents Sire?"
Darkgaze nods politely.
Darkgaze tips his leather hat.
Wyndz chuckles.
Arhhdan hisses, "Yesss you may sssheild yourssselvesss."
Darkgaze says, "My name is Darkgaze Dondarrion, and in a past meeting with the lord chaimberlain your sister expressed an intrest in going on a hunt along side me"
Alexii nods politely to Arhhdan.
Tiso nods to Lomelinde.
Darkgaze says, "Would she have your permission to do so? It would be an honor to hunt with liniage from a great king as yourself"
Raenilar says, "It is not for me to say it is for her future husband."
Darkgaze says, "That is, if she still wishes"
Wyndz gazes silently at Darkgaze.
Darkgaze looks at Wyndz and shrugs.
Darkgaze quietly says to Wyndz, "I like to hunt, what can I say"
Raenilar says, "Her attendants of course must stay with her until she is wed and after if she wishes."
You curtsy to Raenilar.
Raenilar says, "So Therengians"
Wyndz gives Raenilar a slight nod.
Raenilar says, "Please tell your Baron my wishes."
Wyndz says, "I will."
Tiso asks, "Will ye duel here or in Therengia?"
Raenilar says, "I approve of this wedding but he must meet me in single combat."
Tiso says, "Well the desert I means."
Tiso smiles at Arhhdan.
Wyndz nods to Raenilar.
Raenilar says, "In the desert or in Therengia his choice."
Wyndz nods to Raenilar.
Wyndz says, "I'll inform His Grace and send work."
Raenilar says, "Also..."
Wyndz says, "Word too"
Raenilar says, "Tell him I admire and understand his reasons for this but to remember Shard is not without some good reason to be resentful."
Wyndz gives Raenilar a slight nod.
Raenilar shrugs.
Tiso ponders.
Wyndz says, "But Shard also holds Therengians responsible for your actions."
Raenilar chuckles.
Darkgaze quietly says to himself, "Shard is filled with nearsighted fools"
Lomelinde says, "Our King can not be responsible for there lack of reason."
Tiso whispers something to Raenilar.
Raenilar says, "Then Shard is as foolish as ever."
Tiso grins slowly at Raenilar.
Alexii grins at Darkgaze.
You grin at Raenilar.
Lomelinde shakes his head.
Wyndz says to Lomelinde, "I never said he was."
Raenilar says, "You may pass this on for me to Shard.
Wyndz nods to Raenilar.
Lomelinde says, "My sincerest apologies."
Lomelinde bows.
Jappal smiles slowly
You grin at Raenilar.
Raenilar says, "I have no intention of bringing war there again. I took it and gave it back the blood debt is paid."
Wyndz gives Raenilar a slight nod.

You see Warrior King Raenilar Celendron, an Elf.
He has an angular face with elegant arched eyebrows, pointed ears, gold-flecked blue eyes and an aquiline nose. His golden brown hair is short and wavy with a prominent streak of silver towards the front, and is worn tied back. He has tanned skin and a lean build. The right side of his neck bears a tattoo of a flame-wreathed roaring lion.
He is young for an Elf.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a kyanite gwethdesuan, a jadeite gwethdesuan, an intricately carved ebony longbow, a deep black scabbard trimmed with gold inset bands, a silverwood short bow with a yeehar hide grip, a white silk shirt with a high collar embroidered in gold, some black battle leathers emblazoned with a flame-wreathed lion, a black leather arm quiver with gold clasps, a gold and fire opal band, a belt of heavy gold links, a black leather hip pouch, a mammoth-hide waterskin decorated with an array of polished claws, some supple black leather pants and a pair of calf-high black leather boots.

Raenilar says, "They leave me and mine alone and they will be left alone."
Wyndz nods to Raenilar.
Jappal frowns.
You ask Raenilar, "For clarification Sire, soon to include the Baron as one of Your's?"
Raenilar says, "As brother in law yes."
You grin at Raenilar.
Raenilar says, "As a ruler he will not be mine in any other way."
You nod to Raenilar.
Angel smiles.
Wyndz nods in agreement.
Raenilar says, "We will be equals."
Wyndz says, "And the new treaty will reflect that as well."
Raenilar nods.
You ask Raenilar, "Does he know, if he chooses...that He has the Tribe to fall back on as family once He marries the Princess?"
Arhhdan adjusts his ru'at bracelet into place.
Raenilar says, "I do not think this will apply to the good baron in the same way it would a lesser person."
Arhhdan nods to Tiso.
Tiso smiles at Arhhdan.
Wyndz says, "The Baron will remain as Zozindu of Therengia"
Arhhdan hisses.
You ask Raenilar, "Thank you for clarifying Sire, and The Princess will She remain part of the Tribe as well as Morzidaen?"
Raenilar says, "She will always be of my tribe but once she is Baroness I suspect her loyalties will lay with her husband and new people."
Raenilar asks, "As it should be yes?"
Tiso asks, "Our duty to her will be over then?"
Wyndz nods to Raenilar.
Angel smiles at Raenilar.
Raenilar says, "No I think she will need some of the desert near her always."
Wyndz nods in agreement.
Tiso nods to Raenilar.
You ask Raenilar, "Thank you for humoring me Sire, that leads to my querry. I wish to remain of the Tribe when She marries yet still serve her if she wishes it, is that possible? If the Baron agrees?"
Raenilar says, "I don't see why not."
Hands moving gracefully, you lower your head and sink into a formal curtsy before Raenilar.
Raenilar asks, "Therengians can you give me a moment with my chidren?"
Wyndz nods graciously at Raenilar, giving him a polite smile.
Raenilar says, "Children."
Wyndz says, "Join me please"
Darkgaze says, "Certainly king"
You gaze at Raenilar.
Darkgaze bows to Raenilar.
Court Advisor Wyndz's group climbed down some stairs leading down.
Raenilar nods.
Tiso slowly empties his lungs.
Arhhdan hisses, "I will take my leave asss well."
Alexii says, "Maybe they will spend coin in your shops good king"
Hands moving gracefully, you lower your head and sink into a formal curtsy before Arhhdan.
Alexii flashes a wide grin.
Tiso bows to Arhhdan.
Veralika bows to Arhhdan.
Flaree bows to Arhhdan.
Lomelinde bows to Arhhdan.
Arhhdan hisses, "I sssussspect thingsss will be mossst interesssting sssoon."
Tiso says to Arhhdan, "Mayhaps we will have that dinner one day."
Arhhdan chuckles.
Tiso nods at Arhhdan, obviously agreeing with his views.
Jappal bows to Arhhdan.
King Arhhdan just went north.
Tiso says, "Indeed they will."

This message was originally posted in Events and Happenings in DragonRealms' Elanthia (13) - Therengia Events (15), by VELORAES on the forums.