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A Meeting With the Outcast King · on 2/14/2009 1:59:47 AM 7073
Last evening my lynx ran off and was found in the company of King Raenilar while he met with the Wiseman Tiso. My lynx listened as several of us made our way to the platform outside of Muspar'i.

Tiso informed the King of the requested dowry and explained that the Baron wished to give it to the Ferdahl as a show of good faith in alliance with Shard. The primary concern of the King was that if someone should attack his kin, how would he be able to react if the attacker were to retreat to Shard to hide. Tiso suggested perhaps an inclusive clause, to which the King responded that he would not do, and doubted that the Ferdahl would agree to any such clause.

The King went on to make mention of the fact that no one knows what transpired between him and the Queen when he left Shard, and that he never agreed to stay out forever if his folk were harmed, reiterating that the Queen extracted no such promise from him. The King questioned what such an agreement would mean now, and indicated that people are mistaken in the first agreement as it is. To clarify, I asked if the King ever had such an agreement to never return to Shard, and if the claims of the Ferdahl were false in regards to him breaking an original agreement. He said that there was no such original agreement for him to not return to Shard and that they made agreements about the city and prisoners but that the point of his return was purely an assumption, indicating that they (Shard) were not at the meeting when the arrangements were discussed. (Note: I believe this would have been after the death of the late Ferdahl and during the time the Three were in exhile)

At this point, the woman Kelvena, who claims to be loyal to the Ferdahl, came through the gates of Muspar'i with a Raenilar doll, which she snapped the head off, tossed it her mouth and chewed noisily as red juice dribbled from the corner of her lip..then drop kicked the doll into the distance. King Raenilar roared with relentless rage and killed her on the spot. Tiso and the King moved on to a different area so as not to be attacked again. I'm curious to know if the Ferdahl is aware of the actions of those who claim to serve her best interests...

The King went on to say that honor demands that he respond in kind when his kin is attacked, however, he reluctantly said the matter of his sister's protection would be left to the Baron once they are married. The King went on to say that he would agree to His Grace's requested dowry but that the agreement would cover him alone. I reminded him that the Baron would be going over the document to ensure there would be no ambiguity, and he said he was direct in all things.

He said he would prepare the documents and send them directly to the Keep, and pending the Baron's approval, they would be returned for him to sign and seal. The King also added that he understood the Baron's reasoning behind the request and applauded his efforts to maintain his alliances but he felt that this agreement might give cause to those who wish to harm him or his to attack and retreat to Shard with the assumption that he would be unable to retaliate. He went on to add that he thought this would do little to help smooth relations with Shard, to which I agreed, given the Ferdahl is already under the assumption that the King had already violated an agreement that was never made.

When asked about how the Prince felt about the situation, I told the King the Prince had not been met with as yet...but that he remains absent, even as his streets are overrun with invaders.

At this point, a discussion of the Mountain Queen came, and the King again mentioned his vendetta saying that no one but him and the Queen knows what was said at that time, but that it was clear to him that the Queen serves her best interests and has little regard for otherwise. The King added that he wondered how Ilithi could consider the Outcasts evil when Queen Morganae is evil personified...especially given her attempts against the Baron with regard to the brooch in the past. He added that she means no good, no matter what soft words she spews. When I asked if Shard asked for further concessions to include him not moving against the Mountain, he said he would refuse.

As to the matter of the duel, once the dowry request has been taken care of, the King will indicate a time for the duel, having agreed to the Baron's request for melee single combat in the desert with his second present.

~Court Advisor Wyndz~

This message was originally posted in Events and Happenings in DragonRealms' Elanthia (13) \ Therengia Events (15), by MSMAIDEN on the forums.