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A Letter to the Trader Council · on 07/02/2008 07:43 AM CDT 685
Esteemed Council Members,

I have completed part of the research that I was tasked with. The information I have is limited, and appears it is meant to be that way. You were correct that the word was more of title than the actual name of the family concerned. The first mention of it in this reference that I could was find was soon after the War. A young farmer left a note for his family before walking the Starry Road mentioning that there was no way he could stand up to the Rimkanaka and as he couldn't farm, his family would be better off without him. I will not bother citing more independent sources, as many are stories and letters, but file the report as a total.
Strangely enough nothing does point to the Rathan families of olde, but it has become clear they are Elothean, with mentions of Shard in some documents, even though the origin of the name is in Gor'Tog. There has been much violence and untimely deaths and it is clear it was meant to control the commodities as you surmised. There are multiple reports of farmers, clerks and traders with louder voices becoming of the missing over the past three hundred years. The passage of bribes seems to be through many emissaries with great difficulty in tracing it back to the Rimkanaka, as many of them are listed among the dead as well.
This group's ability to remain hidden all this time is equal to their tenacity. I am sorry to say that I can find no recent mention of their whereabouts as it seems to me, in my humble opinon, that many have just accepted the way of it. The bribes do arrive as always and but for the tragic ending to the Investigators lives, they have been quite underground.
I will endeavor to achieve more information, but hastened this report to show my progress.

Your Servant,


This message was originally posted in Events and Happenings in DragonRealms' Elanthia \ In-Character Event discussions, by DR-ADERA on the forums.