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Re: A Few Quick Questions · on 10/08/2012 09:28 PM CDT 3798
>>I understand the desire to have this 'out now', it's just, to me, asking me to choose 'which thing is bestest' without seeing more than half of them.

This I totally agree with. I think the reason I don't fully agree that this is what's happening is that only people who actively want to choose forging, outfitting, or engineering are making decisions - Everybody also has the option to NOT decide, too. The ability to shift mech into forging isn't going to go away, ever. If you're on the fence about what you want, you'll probably want to wait. It just means that you start back from scratch on those disciplines that you're skill's not in. In the worst case scenario, when you make your decision, you might already have some buffer ranks in the skill you're choosing.

Now, something that is definitely on the table is a career/hobby/technique respec when we release new skills. You still won't be able to move ranks between the crafting skills (besides moving ranks out of Mech), but you'd at least get the opportunity to engage with the existing crafting systems fully without having to wait however long it is before your chosen discipline comes out.

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