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Re: A Few Quick Questions · on 10/08/2012 10:11 PM EDT 3794
>>I think people have just been too spoiled with the whole, "one skill to rule them all" thing for too long.

So this is basically the root of it. Right now, there are three skills that are absolutely ready for their own release. Those that want to forge high-level things will now have to commit to forging. Those that want to enchant at high levels will have to leave their mech in Mech Lore as opposed to dedicating it to Forging, Outfitting, etc. It seems like the complaint is "I don't want to lose my abilities as a high-level forger/tailorer/whatever even though that's not what I want to put my skills into anyhow". Is this an invalid reading of the complaint? Are there more aspects to it than that? I'm having trouble pulling other arguments out so I'd be glad to hear additional sides.

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