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Re: A Few Quick Questions · on 10/07/2012 04:17 PM CDT 3770
>>Are the bonus pools for armor and weapons still going to be used immediately upon "conversion" to bring the Defending, Melee Mastery, and Missle Mastery skills up to the highest skill of the appropriate skillset (after these skills are calculated upon conversion)?

Skills that are not the result of a combination get all of their ranks for free. Defending, Tactics, Missile Mastery, and Melee Mastery fall into this category. All other skills will absorb bonus bits of their appropriate skillset if they need to be grandfathered up.

>>Since the Mech split will be occurring after all of the conversion calculations, will our TDPs also automatically adjust to reflect any splitting after we do it? In other words, we might respec stats to get rid of TDP debt, and then find ourselves back in some TDP debt depending on if/how we split up our mech?

Yep, you're TDP count will be modified by how you split your mech up. I'd recommend holding onto your respec until after you split your mech up.

>>Also, how is the game going to handle when we split our mech and no longer meet our lore requirements for our circle - will we even be allowed to do this?

Yep. This is by far the most dangerous part of the mech split. I'll try to have a warning in there to tell you if you'll no longer be elligible to circle if you change your mech, but you'll be allowed to do it if you want to.

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