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Re: 3.0 updates · on 11/21/2012 12:26 PM CST 20
Beguiles will likely change a little, but conceptually they're still in a place I like. Same for Lionize and Satirize.

More likely to change are the plans for existing bardic abilities (practice, bluff, scream etc), where I was really allowing myself to be too constrained by "fixing what they already have" instead of "Crafting a holistic vision for the guild", and likely went too broad.

Screams in particular I can speak too -- They're going to become spells. When we got down to it we'd arrived at this weird awkward ability that used TM or debilitation, and may have needed mana and we just finally asked ourselves "Why isn't this a spell? Is there any reason it wouldn't be a spell if it didn't already exist as NotASpell?"

My proposed solution for that is a spell similar to Dragon's Breath that would have the additional screams unlocked as a metaspell, but that's still tentative and screams will stay online until that comes out.


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