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3.0 updates · on 11/21/2012 12:16 PM CST 16
Just a brief summary of 3.0 changes you may want to look into that for the most part didn't make it into the documentation (Sorry, I'm behind. I'll do write ups for Elanthipedia within a few days assuming nothing terrible goes wrong).

Firstly -- Most of the "Bard 3.0" stuff isn't in, and won't be in the release. I don't think this should be a surprise to people, but I'm hoping to push heavily on it in the coming months. Some of the plans have been notably revised as the rest of 3.0 has taken shape (And as I've learned a lot about design in general in the last two years). This leaves Bardic Lore in somewhat of an awkward place.

For now many Bard abilities teach some bardic lore as a placeholder (Screams, practices etc), and you can learn it from evokes. This isn't enough really, but it's what's there right now - Please let me know how well you are able to move it with these in place and I'll offer some tips and tweaks as needed.

A big change though is passive mojo recovery. That just got moved into plat recently, so I don't expect any problems, but keep an eye on it. It should help with the above Bardic Lore problems.

Recall -- Recall is undergoing a massive rewrite right now to sync it up with how Evoke works and add some new functions and steamline most of the old ones. The downside is... it's not finished yet. Sorry guys. Don't expect anything that runs through the recall system to be horrifically reliable right now. This is basically my top coding priority currently.

When it is finished note that with very few exceptions all of the recalls (including history) will be shared out to everyone, though Bards will retain large bonuses. This is actually a good thing for you Bardic types, because the combination of more people being able to access recalls and the increased ease of building new ones in the new system should notably increase development of recalls (which have oft been neglected in the past. See the total lack of P5 ones for example...)


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