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Re: 3.0 stuff? · on 10/28/2013 11:39 AM CDT 1535
>I ask because before you were talking about having us meditate or whatever, sitting down and what not. And I'm just not good with that.

I'm sure Elec probably doesn't need to read this but for everyone else wondering what this meditating thing is:

>Ricinus says, "First, since khri need be more effective through a longer range of skills I would like to set up a varied method for starting your khris."
>Ricinus says, "Each khri would have a base difficulty, which would contest a mixture of Inner Magic and the appropriate subskill. If you were to start the khri as you are used to, instantly, you would be doing so contested by that difficulty."
>Ricinus says, "There will be two ways to reduce that difficulty, and by reducing the difficulty increase the potency of the ability."
>Ricinus says, "The first is by sitting/kneeling/prone. This method reduces the minimum difficulty of the ability."
>Ricinus says, "The second method is by introducing a delay in the ability's activation. You would attempt to start the ability, then 10-20 seconds later it would take effect. This would not be a RT action, but there may be restrictions on what sorts of activites would break your concentration. This method reduces the maximum difficulty by some amount."
>Ricinus says, "You could use one or both methods for combined effect. If your skill already surpasses the max difficulty for a particular ability, it will not start with a delay regardless of how you attempt to start it.

A lot of people were weird-ed out by this one way or another, I personally like it and expect it to be a non-issue for pretty much everyone except very low circle thieves.

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