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Re: 3.0 stuff? · on 10/25/2013 12:32 PM CDT 1507
>>surely we can get a breakdown of the abilities and what to expect?

Yep. Though please keep in mind as always that Thief abilities are IG secrets and are not to be discussed openly in game.

Also... This is the ability list as it stands PRIOR to testing and player feedback. We reserve the right to continue to improve or nerf anything listed below during the actual play testing and beyond. Testing will indeed be done during the 3.1 testing, so, Soooon.

Darken - Stealth boost.
Hasten - Chance for RT reduction on attacks.
Focus - Agility boost.
Dampen - Stealth hinderance reduction.
Strike - Backstab boost, melee weapon boost.
Silence - Pulsing Invisible.
Safe - Locksmithing boost.
Avoidance - Reflex boost.
Plunder - Discipline, Thievery boost.
Prowess - AOE pulsing debuff (engaged) Fear vs Will when hidden, Power vs Will otherwise. Reflex, Tactics debuff.
Sight - Perception boost, nightvision effect.
Calm - Self dispel, indescriminant.
Shadowstep - Same as before.
Sensing - Same as before.
Vanish - Disengage + Invisible.
Flight - Athletics boost, pulsing balance boost.
Guile - AOE pulsing debuff (engaged) Charm vs Will. Evasion debuff.
Steady - Bow/XBow boost.
Eliminate - Brief -noshield -noarmor debuff.
Serenity - SvS barrier vs Will.
Liberation - pulsing -web/-immobilize.
Elusion - Evasion/Brawling boost.
Sagacity - Physical damage ward.

Secure - Focus/Safe/Sight - Additional chance not to blow a box.
Speed - Avoidance/Plunder/Flight - Something nifty for PvP, not terribly useful otherwise.
Spar - Strike/Steady/Elusion - Thrown weapons boost.
Skulk - Darken/Dampen/Shadowstep - 0 second sneak in urban areas, +nolocate.
Prescience - Sensing/Serenity/Sagacity - Passive spot, additional guard avoidance/justice bonus.
Cunning - Hasten/Guild/Liberation - Charisma/Tactics boost.

Stun - stun/unconscious depending on success.
Slash - Prevents engaging/retreating/movement, may cause target to kneel on high success.
Choke - Single target debuff - Stamina.
Screen - AOE (range limited) debuff -perception, minor pulsing RTs.
Clout - Pulsing concentration drain.
Ignite - Keeps your friends warm during those long cold winters.


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