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Re: 3.0 · on 12/09/2012 10:08 AM CST 2304
>>have the completion of our guild take priority over the completing of crafting

Please don't assume I am neglecting the Guild in favor of crafting. Simply put, if I'm not having fun I'll go do something else for a few years. I didn't particularly want the responsability of rewriting Combat - but that fell on my shoulders and I've poured everything into it. This means I must sometimes go and develop other systems to keep the "fun" of being a dev. I will burn out if I put endless hours into a single system.

>>Does anyone else think that its unfair that when 3.0 goes live we are not going to be able to use or even have all of our abilities? That

I'm lost here. Since when did I ever say Expertise would grant another 30 abilities?

Here is what will be lacking when 3.0 goes live:

* Core Abilities - 2 are currently unfinished
* Manuevers - Only a few may be available
* Expertise skill
* Expertise analyze
* Expertise combos

I think I've posted it before, but the current plan for Expertise is the ability to unlock combo chains on enemies. An example is:

>>analyze ogre lore
Your exceptional expertise with weapons reveals several weaknesses with the ogre's defense. You believe the following combination of attacks would severely cripple the enemy's offensive ability:



Then if you landed that "randomly-generated based on the weapon you are wielding combo", you'd get the listed benefit. This obviously is more useful on enemies that take more hits to kill, but with most enemies taking 6-7 hits, it gives plenty of opportunity for these attacks to be useful.

Possible benefits would be things like - perfect strike (100% chance to hit), knockout (100% chance to blow the enemy from the room), cleave (100% chance to remove a limb), mortal wound (100% chance of mega bleeder), and so on. The catch is you don't get to choose which combos are available (though more skill will open up more combo options).

I am also investigating a way to "lock" a particular combo onto your character so they can be repeated for a time on different enemies.

Note that a weak form of this will be opening for all Guilds too. The benefit Barbarians get are: More / better combo options, the combo locking feature, and extra IF gain for successfully completing a combo and/or finisher.

This is a particularly big system, but not one that is directly a +50% damage. Its part roleplay, part fluff, part mechanics, and just a new dimension to the Guild.

Final note - just analyzing enemies will teach Expertise even if you choose to completely ignore the combo mechanic itself. The analyze will give not only combo info, but also an enhanced appraise of enemies.

Ok, have to go do stuff with the family... all I ask is you please be a bit more patient until we can wrap all this fun stuff up!

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