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Re: 200th Circle Update · on 07/05/2012 04:09 PM CDT 3160
To clarify some points:

- 'Rounded up' only applies to Rangers and Necromancers. For instance, circling a ranger to 150th requires 5 ranks in the top armor. Circling him to 151 would require 5*2.5 = 12.5, rounded up is 13.

- For characters that are neither Rangers or Necromancers, there is one decimal place of specificity (rounded down). For instance, Paladins need 3 ranks of Scholarship to hit 150th. To hit 151st, a Paladin would need 3*2.5=7.5 ranks of Scholarship per circle. This, as with all fractional ranks, will only matter when the fraction amounts to a full rank or more. Paladins need 3.5 ranks of First Aid to circle to 150th, and 151st would require 8.75 ranks, which rounds to 8.7 per circle.

Hopefully that makes things clearer for folks :).

This message was originally posted in Abilities, Skills and Magic \ The Experience System, by DR-SOCHARIS on the forums.