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09 Apr 13 Bard Guild Meeting Log · on 04/10/2013 11:56 AM CDT 2122
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[Raesh's Office, Inner Lair] Gleaming hardwood floors are surrounded by pristine white walls on three sides, with glass providing the wall opposite the entry doors. The glass wall seamlessly transitions into a clear ceiling, allowing the heavens to spill elegantly across the colossal window. A U-shaped desk of stainless steel illuminated by a soft white glow dominates the space with a massive black leather chair occupying its center. A pair of glass and steel chairs rests in front of the desk for visitor. You also see a meeting list and a harried bureaucrat. Also here: Johul who is sitting, Lanetar, Alaya, Useff, Musician Azfa, Dreaden, Joycalynn, Dreamweaver Dreamheart who is sitting, Trading Novice Bethanna, Ilistan, Khash, Doom's Whisper Broichan, Cearsten, Doom's Whisper Skylaar who is sitting, Fanatic Ianhanse, Leilond who is sitting, Magus Seldaren, Navesi, Collector Lupdels who is sitting, GameMaster Evike and GameMaster Raesh. Obvious exits: none.

Raesh says, "Alright, so as I mentioned in the announcement - this is really going to be more of a Q&A format than anything else."

Raesh says, "So if we can all try and keep the scroll to a minimum that will likely help keep us all sane."

Raesh says, "So it's been about a year since the last time we had a guild meeting - a little less I think."

Raesh says, "And it's been a busy time. You might have noticed 3.0 launching."

Raesh says, "Which has been somewhat of a mixed blessing as far as Bards are concerned - On the upside overall magic is in a much stronger place that it was."

Raesh says, "Which is the first step to being A Real Guild."

Raesh says, "That said I'm aware there's still a number of bugs and a few unconverted spells - frankly they're issues I haven't had time to chase down yet."

Raesh says, "There's still some reasonably large changes coming to the magic core which we're sort of in a holding pattern over."

Raesh says, "I don't want to go tear into a spell to fix, say, the group mechanics (Which in general need some review) only to have to rip into it again a few weeks later to make those updates."

Raesh says, "That and after about six months of doing little but magic 3.0 my eyes are are starting to cross."

Raesh says, "So that's where we're at with magic."

Raesh says, "Which leads us to the other projects - Bardic Lore and the Heritages mostly."

Seldaren asks, "Not Performance?"

Raesh says, "I finally got the Recall Albatross off my neck - though I do still need to convert a bunch of the dang things."

Raesh says, "That was a project that stretched far longer than it was suppose to... but I'm fairly pleased with where the system is at currently."

Raesh says, "So what's going on with Heritages? Right now, not a whole lot."

Raesh says, "They're still something I want to see done, but in the end - they're designed as a role playing guild with minor mechanical functions."

Raesh says, "Role playing tool, excuse me."

Raesh says, "I wrote most of the core mechanics to support them shortly after I joined staff. Those mechanics are rubbish."

Raesh grins.

Raesh says, "Trust me on that."

Raesh says, "So hopefully once the 3.0 push calms down a little bit and some of the new event team finds their feet."

Raesh says, "We'll revist getting those out."

Raesh says, "Which leaves us with Bardic Lore - I posted about this awhile back."

Raesh says, "But essentially the first plan I proposed for it was... sweeping."

Raesh says, "Now that we've seen where Magic 3.0 has left us, it's just too much."

Raesh says, "A lot of it is redudant."

Raesh says, "Or was me trying to save old abilities without giving enough though to how they're helping make the guild work."

Raesh says, "Basically, I've had two years to think about my plans and see the other peices moving around."

Raesh says, "The general idea is still the same."

Raesh says, "But overall the number of abilities is going to go down somewhat as we balance them to coexist with magic."

Raesh says, "And many of the specific abilities are going to change."

Raesh says, "I know, that's not a lot of details, but I'm just trying to give an overview of where we're at. I don't think there's a lot of surprises there."

Raesh says, "So, let's see if I left this set up right last time."

Raesh squints at a meeting list.

Raesh just opened the meeting list.

Raesh says, "Go ahead and sign up if you've got a question."

Raesh says, "And if that doesn't work we'll figure out what I did to it."

Raesh says, "Alright, I'm going to leave the list open - since I figure questions might spawn more questions."

Raesh says, "So feel free to sign up at any time."

Useff is next.

Useff asks, "Thanks. When do you think the spell preview will end?"

Raesh says, "Good question. Early Feb."

Useff chuckles.

Raesh says, "Clearly that didn't happen."

Raesh says, "That's the whole "updates to core magic" thing I'm talking about."

Raesh says, "We decided not to end the preview until those are done."

Raesh says, "Since if we did we'd end up having to just blank out everyone and kick off a new preview."

Raesh says, "I think we're all eager to be off preview."

Useff says, "Do those core changes effect us much or just magic in general? I know I added a second question."

Useff scuffs his feet against the ground.

Raesh says, "General magic. I'm not going to go into a great deal of details on those changes - largely because I'm just not the one who's most up on them and in a position to make the announcements."

Useff nods.

Useff says, "Thanks."

Raesh says, "But it includes stuff like rebalancing exp somewhat, rebalancing slot costs (there's been a lot of discussion there - in general we ended up undercosting spells too much compared to how many spell slots are being handed out)."

Raesh says, "Fixing multishot spells, some general TM tweaks, an overhaul of how barriers are working out."

Raesh says, "Oh, and revision to how we buff skills."

Raesh says, "Most of those changes are going to be favorable to players as a whole."

Raesh says, "But as you can see, that's a reasonably hefty list - thus still being on preview."

Lupdels is next.

Lupdels says, "Well then . . ."

Lupdels says, "This is really a broad question with a short aspect and then a longer aspect to pin you down ..."

Lupdels smiles.

Raesh says to himself, "Careful, this one sounds trixsy."

Lupdels says, "Short question, what is A Real Guild? Long question ... well ... previously at meetings like this you outlined several aspects to a Bard, such as being protectors of society, the importance of Bards being rooted in culture and society, something they want to protect, or share with others ... But ..."

Lupdels says, "It doesn't tell me what A Real Guild is. I don't think that helps inform me in understanding what A Real Guild looks like, what abilities we should expect within Bardic Lore or something else ... Basically what you see as the marks of building A Real Guild instead of trying to keep abilities that were added without a holistic version."

Lupdels coughs.

Lupdels says, "Vision . . ."

Lupdels shrugs.

Raesh says, "Ah, it sort of Dev short hand we've used in Big Talks."

Raesh says, "Its sort of."

Raesh coughs.

Lupdels asks, "Are we made out of wood right now?"

Raesh says, "Forgive me for the typos, I'm fairly short on sleep."

Lupdels says, "I know we can tell lies without our noses growing ..."

Lupdels winks.

Raesh says, "It's a term that gets thrown around a fair bit with regard to Bards and Traders mostly."

Raesh says, "And it's purely mechanics."

Raesh says, "Basically you have a guild that over 15 years or so of development can do a lot of "stuff."

Raesh says, "But there hasn't really been any strong mechanical guidelines to shape that development."

Raesh says, "And most of the systems tend to exist off in their own corner."

Raesh says, "And not interact with the rest of the game in a meaningful way."

Raesh asks, "Does that make sense?"

Useff says, "I like our "stuff."

Raesh says, "It really has nothing to do with the lore or themes of the guild and is purely about giving you the needed mechanical tools to both interact with the rest of the game in a meaningful way."

Raesh says, "And be developed."

Lupdels says, "I can see how magic for Traders fills a mechanical hole, I have a harder time how you add things to us in a mechanically consistent way that completes us."

Lupdels says, "Because my imagination is lacking ..."

Lupdels smiles.

Raesh says, "Again, Bards and Traders have a similiar problem where they've got a ton of parasitic systems."

Lupdels nods.

Raesh says, "The entire music system was a good example of that."

Lupdels nods.

Raesh asks, "Why did we have five skills to represent playing music?"

Raesh says, "Because it made sense for Bards."

Raesh asks, "Did anyone who wasn't a Bard care that we had five skills for it?"

Raesh says, "No, not at all."

Raesh asks, "Was there any real way to develop those skills in a way that would let a non Bard care?"

Raesh says, "Nope."

Raesh says, "Enchantes were another - since they were basically their own system and only tied into magic partially."

Raesh says, "It's a large development barrier."

Lupdels nods.

Azfa is next.

Azfa says, "My annual request..."

Azfa asks, "Any way to choose who we perform with and what voices we can use in chorus of a song?"

Azfa says, "Just a reminder."

Azfa says, "I know its sort of fluffy stuff but I love that kind of thing."

Raesh says, "There be dragons in the sing code."

Azfa looks at Raesh and suddenly starts to cry.

No, dragons wouldn't be as scary.

Raesh says, "No, seriously, I've looked at it."

Azfa says, "I've suggested this so many times...since the 90's actually."

Raesh says, "Here's the thing - the code that makes SING (and the related systems) work really needs to be rewritten."

Azfa says, "Oh bugger."

Azfa says, "Well that figures."

Raesh says, "Both because it has a ton of custom hooks into other systems which cause Problems."

Raesh says, "And because SAY was updated a few years back."

Raesh says, "And SING wasn't. Neither was Predict or... Chant? I can't recall if Chant was."

Raesh says, "But a couple of those verbs at any rate."

Raesh says, "Which is why you see them freak out on occasion."

Azfa nods.

Raesh says, "The problem is - I don't even know where to start. I could likely peice it together given enough time."

Raesh says, "But it'd be extremely time consuming and the people who are more familiar with the mechanics needed (Which involves a lot of knowledge of our Stormfront and other UIs work) haven't had the bandwidth."

Azfa nods.

Azfa sighs.

Raesh says, "Yeah, it's not a situation I'm pleased with."

Raesh says, "But it's not one with an easy solution."

Azfa says, "I see."

Azfa says, "Seems a shame."

Azfa says, "Well that's my question."

Azfa says, "And yer answer."

Raesh says, "Sorry."

Azfa shrugs.

Raesh says, "Maybe one of these days I'll take on a project that involves me learning that particular chunk of coding skills, but it's nearly an entirely seperate language."

Raesh says, "I'll keep looking for someone who already has the knowledge and try and steal some of their time."

Dreamheart is next.

Dreamheart stands up.

Dreamheart smiles.

Azfa nods.

Dreamheart says, "Thank you my Lord Raesh."

Raesh says, "That's a new one."

Dreamheart asks, "I have two questions, shall I ask the easy one first?"

Raesh puts on his Paladin hat.

Evike glances at Raesh.

Lyneya fades into view.

Lyneya shifts her weight.

Raesh points at Lyneya.

Lyneya says, "Ok, we can start now."

Lyneya nods to Raesh.

Raesh exclaims to Lyneya, "I need someone who knows XML stat!"

Lyneya says, "I don't know XML."

Raesh says to Dreamheart, "Sorry for the interruption, she's like that, but either question is fine."

Raesh exclaims to Lyneya, "Neither do I!"

Lyneya says, "Holy crap."

Evike doesn't either.

Lyneya blinks.

Lyneya rubs her eyes.

Raesh says to Lyneya, "I was hoping you could voluntell someone who does to rewrite SING (and a couple of other verbs) to modern SAY mechanics."

Lyneya says, "I was debugging something earlier, and had a certain setting set.. and experience just pulsed."

Lyneya says, "I am blind."

Cearsten says, "XML is what Tim Berners-lee actually intended. HTML was created because it was too complicated for people."

Cearsten coughs.

Lyneya says, "ANYWAYS."

Lyneya asks, "Did I miss anything good?"

Lyneya asks, "Is anyone even here?"

Seldaren says, "We're all afk."

Shavay says to Lyneya, "You missed everyone's Grand Entrance."

Cearsten says to Seldaren, "Scripting."

Raesh forgot to pass out the booze, they're all comatose.

Useff quietly says, "Dream Ask the hard one first."

A beverage cart draped in Bard blue suddenly appears.

On the draped cart you see a keg of amber ale, a snifter of Elothean windhaze, a porcelain decanter of warmed sake, a magnum of sparkling champagne, a glass of cow's milk, some apple barrel whiskey, a dark glass bottle of murky red absinthe stamped with a black paw, a pitcher of blue Island Tease decorated with paper umbrellas, a bottle of M'Riss plum sherry, a "Jack Tarr's Rest" stamped oak cask filled with Drowning Man's Dream, a mug of vanilla-spiced tea, a font of Glythtide's Merry wine, a barrel of frothy root beer, a pitcher of blue Island Tease decorated with paper umbrellas, a flute of D'Or's infamous tipple and some frosted-glass bottles of Dark Mule red tequila.


[bunch of people raise their hands]

Azfa says, "I'm a lefty."

Raesh says to Azfa, "You're in trouble."

Raesh says, "Hint: That's not what a real script check looks like."

Raesh winks.

Seldaren says, "I don't mind the warning, just mind the drink."

Raesh says, "Anyhow - moving on."

Raesh says, "Dreamheart has the floor."

Dreamheart says, "First, thank you for tackling our enchantes and trying to make the bards work better. I love many of the changes ... some have been really hard to swallow, and some issues linger from nothing but 15 years of habits."

Dreamheart says, "I am wondering what the chances are of getting some of our enchante nicknames back that used to work? I still type in LILT every time, for instance."

Evike says, "Funny story about that."

Dreamheart says, "Rather than whatever it is now."

Raesh says, "There's a technical limit due to how spells are stored now."

Raesh says, "The short names need to start with the same name as the spell."

Raesh says, "I reverted as many of the spells as I could to their old names."

Cearsten says, "That explains so much."

Raesh says, "But a few of them just won't work anymore - Lilt is one of those."

Raesh says, "Start with the same letter."

Raesh should get more sleep.

Dreamheart says, "Well, there you go. I knew that would be the easy one."

Raesh says, "I forget not everyone was on the 3.0 boards as much as I was - it was a big deal before 3.0 launched trying to sync as many up as we could."

Raesh says, "Some of the initial ones were... terrible."

Evike nods.

Dreamheart says, "Well, then we are grateful for what still works."

Dreamheart nods.

Dreamheart says, "Regarding that Recall Albatross - does this mean that recalls are back where they belong again? I go to so many places, remember so many things - many important to more than just me - and there is nothing there to recall."

Raesh says, "That's exactly what I mean."

Raesh says, "Recall History, mechanically, is done."

Dreamheart takes a seat.

Raesh says, "What I haven't updated are the recalls themselves."

Raesh says, "They need to be rewritten and mechanically updated for the new system."

Raesh says, "Evike here has actually done most of the writing."

Evike strikes a heroic pose.

Raesh says, "And it's waiting for me to QC it and do the technical updates."

Dreamheart says, "Will there be evokes and recalls or ... hat? Because I am still rather confused about those two things."

Raesh says, "Evokes (The replacement for perc history) are all up to date* and finished, and all it needs now are more of them to be written."

Raesh says, "If you haven't noticed any time I touch an area I'm trying to put at least one of them in."

Raesh says, "And Lyneya here is going to help me bribe everyone else into putting them in their areas."

Raesh asks Lyneya, "See how I volunteered you there?"

Evike grins.

Lyneya asks, "Huh?"

Dreamheart says, "I hope they do not all hurt as bad as the one in the new area."

Raesh laughs!

Raesh says, "No, as a generally rule they shouldn't hurt you."

Raesh says, "That one is... special."

Raesh says, "Though also a taste of the sort of flexibility the new system offers us."

Dreamheart says, "Special. It sure was."

Cearsten says, "Heh."

Dreamheart nods.

Dreamheart says, "OK, if anyone needs a tour of special places, you just let me know."

Raesh says, "The * was because there might actually be a few evokes that aren't up to date."

Dreamheart says, "Thank you."

Raesh says, "I THOUGHT I'd updated all of them recently."

Lyneya exclaims, "Argh, trying to do too many things!"

Lyneya suddenly fades away.

Evike grins.

Raesh says, "But I found a few, specifically the planar telescope, that somehow seem to have reverted."

Raesh says, "So I just need to go through and figure out what happened and redo my updates."

Seldaren says, "The planar telescope exists in a timestream where 3.0 never happened."

Dreamheart says, "A week or two ago, the one in front of our guild here was not there."

Raesh says, "Yeah, it's on ongoing project."

Raesh says, "But the important thing is the mechanical core behind it works - and it's VASTLY easier to develop new ones now."

Raesh says, "And that's not just recall history and evoke."

Raesh says, "But recall famous, and stuff like that."

Raesh says, "Recall herb is still... dubious, so that will get revision once alchemy launches."

Dreamheart says, "Thank you, Sir."

Dreamheart nods to Raesh.

Raesh says, "Just as an example of what I'm talking about however."

Raesh says, "In the old days if I wanted to, say, make a sword with a special history."

Raesh says, "I'd have to specifically script an item to do that, and handle all of the mechanics in that script - which likely means nothing to most of you, but the end result was "Only like a dozen items ever got that treatment in about 13 years of recall being a thing."

Lyneya fades into view.

Raesh asks, "Now?"

Raesh picks up a dagger.

Raesh taps a warty dagger that he is holding.

Raesh offers Shavay a warty dagger.

Evike says, "That's gross."

Raesh says, "Here check that out, pass it around."

Raesh says, "And that's why we have a new system."

Seldaren asks, "Recall area doesn't see that, eh?"

Raesh says, "I'm holding t."

Raesh offers Seldaren a warty dagger.

Seldaren accepts Raesh's warty dagger.

Raesh says to Seldaren, "Since Shavay is being lazy."

Bethanna says, "Oooo, that is a cool dagger."

Useff says, "He's making cocktails."

Bethanna says, "Almost as cool as the Fruitcake of Doooom."

Lyneya asks Raesh, "Are we still mad at him?"

Seldaren asks, "Um, seems incomplete?"

Lyneya glances at Shavay.

Raesh says to Lyneya, "I can't remember why, but it's Shavay so I suspect we are."

Evike says, "Recall area would be so spammy if it picked up every single recallable item someone had. What if someone had 800 items that had a recall."

Cearsten asks Evike, "Boom?"

Useff asks, "We'd learn a lot?"

Evike says, "No, it'd be boom."

Raesh says, "Don't recall the area."

Cearsten says, "Wow. that is nifty."

Raesh says, "It's on the specific dagger that's being passed around."

Evike says, "Just like when you look at people with 9 million rosettes."

Raesh says, "That was like 1 minute of work."

Azfa says, "I used to have quite a collection of those rosettes."

Azfa says, "It took over my vault."

Raesh says, "Anyhow, while you pass that around I'll move on."

Johul is next.

Johul gives a slight nod.

Johul haggardly asks, "Curious about screams an whistles.. and a 100th circle ability.. any development on those fronts, or planned development?"

Raesh says, "Screams are going to become a spell called Thunderous Voice."

Useff quietly says, "Ooooh."

Raesh says, "Which is going to be a... sort of Dragon's Breath like spell."

Raesh says, "That's the best way to think of it."

Useff asks, "Based on TM?"

Raesh says, "It'll do a lot of what it does now, but it will be TM based."

Useff says, "Oh bugger."

Useff says, "Should be performance based, I think."

Raesh says, "So you'll put up Thunderous Voice."

Raesh says, "And while it's on you if you get stunned it'll fire off what's basically defiance now."

Raesh says, "And break the stun and burn a charge."

Cearsten asks, "Why targeted? That doesn't seem intuitive for the guild?"

Raesh says, "Or you can scream at people and burn a charge for damage."

Raesh says, "The current plans it that there will be metaspells that will enable some other screams beyond those two - possible an AoE or something like that."

Raesh says, "Details on those metaspells aren't pinned down."

Useff says, "For some who worked vocals and music over TM, that would be a loss of functionality."

You accept Bethanna's offer and are now holding a warty dagger.

Raesh says, "Reason #42 Raesh shouldn't lead meetings while tired."

Something about a warty dagger tickles at your unconscious recollection.

Raesh says, "The dagger should have it's full recall on it now instead of cutting off suddenly."

Raesh coughs.

>recall dagger You recognize this as the legendary 'Blade of the Toad'.It's known for its total inability to harm toads.Impressive, huh? Roundtime: 2 sec.

Raesh says, "Should make a heckofalot more sense now."

>chuck xao You chuckle to yourself.

Cearsten says, "We get the idea though."

Cearsten nods to Raesh.

Khash whispers, "may i see it when you are done please"

Raesh says, "But, yeah, the point wasn't the particular text on it."

Useff says, "Everybody should check for warts."

Raesh says, "But that what was once several hours of custom code."

Raesh says, "Can now be done on anything, scripted or not, in a minute."

Raesh says, "On the topic of screams I said this years ago and it still applies - Screams should never have caused damage based on the vocals skill and letting them cause damage based on performance or bardic lore isn't an option."

Shavay mutters something into the air about all glory to the hypnotoad.

Raesh says, "And that's word from On High, though I happen to agree with it entirely."

Shavay says, "I'm glad there's the tickle message when the item's received."

Cearsten says, "Oh, so since its damage from magic get it from the magic damage skill."

Cearsten nods.

Raesh says to Shavay, "You like that? All items with recalls or evokes on them will do that now."

Shavay says, "Very nice."

Raesh says, "I can't remember when I pushed that live - I think I made an announcement but there wasn't really any good examples of it out there for people to notice."

Raesh says, "It'll do that every time you handle it until you've recalled it once."

Shavay says, "Yeah, you don't see many people waving around the ice swords or anything."

Raesh nods to Shavay.

Skylaar asks, "Can I check ou tthe dagger again after everyone gets a chance to check it out?"

Raesh says, "Exactly."

Skylaar says, "Very neat."

Seldaren asks, "Remembering every bard who's ever recalled it is feasible?"

Raesh shakes his head at Seldaren.

Azfa says, "I did nae get to check it out."

Azfa begins pouting.

Raesh says, "It just remembers the most recent person."

Seldaren says, "Ah, okay."

Raesh says, "Which is basically so it doesn't spam the owner."

Shavay asks, "Any chance it could forget, after a while? Months, maybe?"

Shavay says, "I can just imagine someone coming back after years away and not remembering how cool all their stuff was."

Raesh says, "As for whistles and the 100th ability."

Raesh says, "Whistles conceptually I still like most of the plans I announced intially."

Raesh says, "So they're likely to stay close to those plans."

Raesh says, "Riposte is unlikely to stick around in the proposed form, I think the riposte verb itself is going to roll into general combat (Not with the pun aspect...)- or at least that's the last I heard from Kodius."

Cearsten says, "Oooh."

Raesh says, "I still want to play up weapon secondary more so..."

Raesh says, "We'll see what that ends up looking like."

Shavay says, "Zen and the art of Chainsaw Juggling."

Navesi says, "What are the plans for reducing enchante scroll? I know you mentioned it as a possibility, I'm just wondering now how much reduction you're looking at and when it will happen."

Raesh says, "When everyone is done with the dagger let me know and I'll snatch it back. Or try and sneak off with it and I'll snatch it back AND drop a rock on you."

Navesi smiles at Raesh.

Cearsten asks, "May I see it again whoever has it?"

Bethanna says, "We were going to steal it."

Raesh says, "At some point I'd like most (all?) of them to move to the brief message system I put in place for ABAN."

Skylaar says to Raesh, "No need to drop a rock, just make them lick you."

Raesh says, "It's a matter of putting the alternate message and hooks in for reach spell."

Navesi says, "I appreciate what I saw of that system, but I noticed it was still producing a lot of lines."

Navesi says, "Although they were shorter lines."

Raesh nods to Navesi.

Lyneya says, "This meeting needs more booze."

Lyneya folds her arms across her chest.

Joycalynn points at a beverage cart draped in Bard blue.

Raesh raises his hand in an imaginary toast.

His eyes bug out as he lapses into a momentary trance.

Raesh raises his hand in an imaginary toast.

Raesh raises his hand in an imaginary toast.

You hear a distant but hearty chuckle as a bottle of Sand Spit Rum appears in Raesh's left hand!

Lyneya says, "Oh, sorry, Shavay was blocking it."

Raesh says, "Silly spells changing."

Navesi asks, "So there are no plans for cutting it down beyond that?"

Shavay's jaw drops.

Shavay asks, "Me?"

Raesh asks, "Who'd want a buff when you could get a drink?"

Raesh takes a sip of his Rum.

Shavay exclaims, "I'm not blocking anything!"

Shavay looks over his shoulder nervously.

Useff asks, "How about a drink that buffs?"

Raesh says to Navesi, "We'll see."

Shavay says, "Oh. That. Yeah, I was blocking that."

Navesi nods to Raesh.

Raesh says, "ABAN was basically a prototype - but it's not going to get cut down a lot more."

Raesh says, "You kind of want people to get the message of "I'm a deadly AoE SPELL GOING ON."

Dreamheart asks, "AoE?"

Raesh says, "AND I make weird CHOICES of CAPITALIZATION."

Navesi says, "Sure, I've just been frustrated RPing with other bards sometimes."

Raesh says, "Area of Effect."

Seldaren asks, "How about in the look, like Dema does?"

Dreamheart mutters something into the air about abbreviations.

Navesi says, "When you have people with FAE and HODI etc. all going at once."

Raesh says, "Some of the non combat ones might be able to be tightened up more."

Navesi says, "I appreciate that the combat ones should message."

Raesh says, "It's certainly a concern and the reason I started down the path."

Navesi nods to Raesh.

Raesh says, "ABAN just struck me as one of the worst since it had all the lyrics."

Raesh says, "So I started there."

Navesi says, "Yes, I agree. And thank you."

Lyneya flails her arms about.

Lyneya suddenly fades away.

Raesh lets out a loud "Huzzah!"

Raesh says, "She's gone, now we can all cause trouble."

Bethanna is next.

Bethanna says, "I know this is a known topic, but it is something that I could use some help on."

Skylaar says, "I'd still like her to brand me with one of her baby tears."

Shavay says to Bethanna, "The first step is admitting you have a problem."

Bethanna says, "I am getting lonely hunting by myself."

Skylaar scoots over a little closer to Bethanna.

Bethanna says, "So, last night Razzer came into my room and said "hey, I think we are fixed" after which he promply got his head lopped off or a gaping chest wound..."

Shavay says, "That's SO Razzer."

Bethanna asks, "Which songs are causing the issue, and when will they possibly be fixed?"

Raesh says, "The first isn't a question for me."

Raesh says, "That's a question I should be asking and you should all be BUGing."

Raesh says, "For the rest - there's basically three problems blending together, so far as I know."

Bethanna says, "I have, but was told it was a known issue."

Raesh says, "Problem 1) Some spells aren't set up right to interact with the AoE mechanics - I think these are just the debil spells."

Raesh says, "AEWO and the like."

Raesh says, "Pyre and Aban at least shouldn't have that problem."

Raesh says, "(This is where CAST AREA and so forth doesn't work)."

Bethanna says, "Aban was what I was using at the time."

Raesh asks, "Hmm. What cast mode were you using it in?"

Bethanna says, "I am not sure, i did not know you can adjust that now."

Useff says, "I missed that, too."

Raesh says, "I think it's cast area, cast creature, cast group - pyre and aban should respect those."

Shavay asks, "So what happens if you just 'cast'?"

Raesh says, "As I said, I don't believe the debilitation spells are working that way."

Bethanna asks, "Does the mode stay the same until you change it again?"

Raesh says, "TM spells should default to creature outside of necromancers."

Raesh nods to Bethanna.

Bethanna says, "Well, aban is both debilitation and targetted."

Seldaren says, "Can't hit creatures that are inside a necromancer until you kill the necro first."

Dreamheart says, "Plain old cast affects just those things that engage you - only. not the other people."

Raesh says, "It is, but I know it has the hook I'm thinking of."

Raesh says, "Which doesn't mean it's WORKING, but it means the code is there that it should be working."

Raesh says, "Yeah, Dreamheart is correct actually."

Bethanna nods.

Bethanna says, "Well, for some reason, it also is effecting others in your group."

Raesh says, "Very interesting."

Raesh ponders.

Bethanna asks, "And do the spells also effcect the inner fire in a room with a barbarian?"

Bethanna says, "That could cause some consent issues."

Raesh says, "I don't think spells do that in 3.0."

Raesh says, "But Barbarians aren't really my area."

Bethanna nods.

Raesh says, "The second problem is just that I need to write the new group mechanics and install them in most of the Bard spells."

Bethanna exclaims, "Ok, that was my question!"

Bethanna nods.

Raesh says, "That's why you're seeing weirdness with the buff spells."

Dreamheart says, "The helpful spells get bounced back if they are in your group and you cannot overcome their fire. I have ... barbarian friends."

Shavay says, "Barbarians don't have an automatically-on magic barrier any more, so no, it wouldn't hurt inner fire."

Bethanna says, "Just as long as the issues will eventually get fixed so Razzer and Beth do not have yell sweet nothings across rooms."

Raesh says to Dreamheart, "Are you sure they aren't doing a specific dance or something? I don't think they're suppose to have general magic resistance like that now."

Dreamheart says, "I figure any time a barbarian bounces an enchante back at me it is inner fire. What do I know? They might be doing ... thingies."

Dreamheart says, "But we no longer hurt them anymore."

Raesh says, "I bet they are."

Raesh says, "Anyhow, yeah, group mechanics aren't working quite right for a couple of reasons. See: Waiting on core magic stuff to get fixed up before I do a final pass over all the spells."

Raesh says, "That was something I was going to do like two months ago but the combo of core stuff still being in flux and my eyes crossing every time I looked at another spell has pushed it back some."

Bethanna exclaims, "Well, I must be off. thanks for the answers!"

Raesh says, "If the core stuff takes much longer I'll try and get the group stuff fixed earlier."

Raesh says, "Since I know it's a big problem."

Azfa is next.

Azfa asks, "Perhaps I should just throw this out there but has anyone noticed that Lilt doesn't work on others anymore?"

Cearsten says, "Aha."

Cearsten says, "Someone else."

Azfa says, "I was playing the lilt outside Empath's guild."

Navesi says, "It works for me."

Azfa says, "With lots of critically wounded people there and my lilt didn't affect them at all and they died."

Azfa ducks her head.

Raesh says, "Yeah, that's part of what I'm talking about. I'm... not entirely sure what the problem is there since it varies from bard to bard from the reports I've gotten."

Shavay says, "I think you need to cast it at the area."

Azfa asks, "So cast area?"

Raesh says, "I think what's going on, basically, is that the AoE mechanics were written for combat."

Azfa asks, "Or cast room?"

Dreamheart says to Azfa, "I bet it does if they are joined to you. This was my number one gripe with 3.0. I only found out a week ago that other bards it works for."

Dreamheart says, "Neither helps me Shavay."

Raesh says, "So with TM and Debil spells in mind."

Navesi says to Shavay, "It works for me, and I don't cast area."

Johul haggardly says, "It works, just not nearly as powerful as it used to be.."

Azfa says, "Ah."

Raesh says, "And when some of the Bard spells were converted, they were tied to those AoE mechanics."

Raesh says, "But, you know, those mechanics weren't meant for buffs."

Shavay exclaims to Raesh, "Knock everyone's vit down to 50% or so. We'll test!"

Azfa says, "That might be it."

Azfa says, "We have test instance for that."

Useff says, "I'm in."

Raesh asks, "Why does it work for some and not for others?"

Raesh says, "I have NOOOOO idea."

Shavay says, "We also have a GM in his own office right here."

Azfa laughs!

Azfa says, "True."

Raesh says, "That's just weird."

Azfa nods to Raesh.

Raesh says, "But I think that's what the core problem is, and if I fix that the other problem should go away."

Azfa says, "Ah."

A harried bureaucrat says, "You can do it, sir."

Raesh says, "It could be tied to loud/quiet, that was my first thought and I've had a couple of people suggest it."

Raesh says, "But I don't know WHY it would be."

Dreamheart says to Azfa, "Have people join you. For me all the helpful enchantes need people to belong to me."

Raesh says, "If that makes sense. I just need to spend some time looking at the code."

Dreamheart says to Azfa, "Well, or be in the same group thingie."

Cearsten asks, "Dream wasn't NONE of your helpful spells affecting people not in group?"

Dreamheart says, "Not that we could tell."

Dreamheart says, "The enchantes. The single cast things all work as advertised."

Azfa says, "Now that's just plain strange."

Cearsten says, "We did some pretty extensive testing on that using less and more experienced bards."

Shavay asks, "Core magic fixes will clear up spellbook issues, right?"

Raesh says, "Interesting. I've got the next week off work, I'll try and dig into it in the next few days."

Raesh says, "That's a fairly major bug - but maybe I can figure something out without getting caught in the core changes."

Dreamheart says, "It is really distressful to have people drop dead at your feet from bleeeding while you are Lilting. er, Hodi'ing."

Cearsten says, "When we tested it, a circle 15 bard could affect people out of group, and a circle 93 bard could, but Dreamheart specifically who in between those too could not."

Raesh says, "That said..."

Cearsten says, "Wow. I mangled that sentense."

Cearsten says, "Sentence."

Azfa says, "I'm circle 15."

Raesh says, "I'm likely going to limit those spells to only helping those directly in your group."

Raesh says, "(And I think I have a solution to the stalking problem)."

Azfa says, "I can nae affect anyone with lilt but then I'm never grouped."

Navesi says, "Why? Lilt's been a staple area effecter for ages."

Raesh says, "Basically so you can control who you help."

Dreamheart says, "Sir, please come work triage with us the next crisis."

Seldaren asks, "Isn't that an argument for cast options?"

Shavay says to Raesh, "She really means, 'cause the next crisis.'."

Raesh says, "Cast options are another way to do it - it depends on how mechanically sticky we get."

Raesh says, "Either way it's going to need a new mechanic since the core wasn't written with AoE friendly spells in mind, it was just a design oversight I think."

Raesh says, "Since no one other than Bards really does that."

Raesh asks, "I guess Paladins have it a little bit?"

Shavay says to Dreamheart, "The GMs. They're all about the mayhem."

Cearsten says, "Reasonable thought process. Hope it can be kept for AOE in the long run though."

Useff says, "Remember it's supposed to be music, which goes everywhere."

Useff says, "Can't stop the signal."

Joycalynn ponders earplugs.

Useff says, "Sorry, obtuse Firefly reference."

Cearsten says to Useff, "Well played."

Shavay says to Useff, "I am a leaf on the wind."

Seldaren asks, "What does that mean?"

Useff says, "That's very true."

Seldaren says, "Heh, I get to be Mal."

Raesh says, "So it looks like the list is empty."

Seldaren says, "I'm too old to join, apparently."

Raesh says, "I think that means Evike gets to kill you all now."

Raesh asks, "Oh?"

Useff says, "Better start lilting."

Seldaren says, "Won't let me."

Raesh laughs!

Azfa says, "He's on the list."

Raesh says, "Oh, 200th circle came out since I set up the list."

Evike beams!

Raesh says, "There."

Seldaren adds his name to the meeting list.

Evike asks, "Oh, no death?"

Evike sighs deeply, looking very depressed.

Shavay exclaims, "We don't care what you One-Percenters think! Occupy Elanthia!"

Shavay is next.

Shavay asks Raesh, "So I'm guessing it'd be the magic core fixes that are needed to fix problems with spellbooks?"

Raesh asks, "Spellwhatziatproblems?"

Shavay gets a dusky rosewood-bound spellbook from inside his spellbook case.

Shavay opens a dusky rosewood-bound spellbook.

Shavay turns through the pages of his rosewood-bound spellbook.

Shavay says, "It gives weird--."

Shavay studiously reviews his rosewood-bound spellbook.

Shavay says, "Er..."

Shavay says, "Never mind. Guess they fixed somewhere without me noticing."

Raesh says, "Normally in a situation like this."

Raesh says, "I'd take credit and pose like some sort of greek god."

Raesh says, "But since I don't want any chance at all of spellbooks rubbing off on me."

Broichan says, "Songbooks are still broken, though."

Raesh says, "I'm going to blame this on Socharis."

Useff asks, "Can toads even do that?"

Raesh strikes a heroic pose.

(Cearsten waits for Socharis to immolate Raesh.)

Cearsten seems to be waiting for something.

Cearsten snaps his fingers.

Raesh says, "Yeah Songbooks are... I don't even know. Spellbook code is old and scary and incredibly more complex than I'd think it'd need to be."

Raesh says, "Songbooks aren't spellbooks, and they don't use the same code."

Raesh says, "See that whole thing about enchantes and trying to make you A Real Guild and so forth."

Dreamheart says, "I am leaving mine stored."

Broichan nods.

Shavay says, "They're a little like ledgers."

Broichan says, "That was my assumption."

Seldaren is next.

Seldaren asks, "Are there any plans for making Performance a Real Skill?"

Seldaren says, "Cause right now it's pretty useless."

Seldaren says, "And by "pretty", I mean completely."

Seldaren grins.

Raesh says, "So here's the deal with Performance."

Raesh says, "Me and Socharis brainstormed up a cool system for it... oh two years or so ago now."

Raesh says, "It's not the only thing performance would do, but it'd be the bulk of it."

Raesh says, "It was sort of my idea to start with and he ran with it - I don't know if any of you were at Simucon last year when he was talking about it."

Seldaren shakes his head.

Shavay looks thoughtfully at Raesh.

Shavay says, "Remind me."

Azfa says, "I missed that conversation."

Raesh says, "I can't speak to his ideas too much, but they had to do with cultural influence."

Azfa says, "I was talking with Zadraes."

Broichan puts his songbook in a rugged oilcloth rucksack with leather straps.

Raesh says, "Like, enough performers would raise the cultural influence of a city and have it have some effect."

Raesh says, "I don't know exactly - it's beyond the scope of my idea."

Raesh laughs!

Seldaren says, "Sacrifice us to begin a golden age."

Raesh says, "But the general idea is that it's a system that would let you decide to perform anywhere in a town area."

Raesh says, "And it would generate a crowd."

Raesh says, "And as you entertain the crowd you'd get experience and they could tip you and so forth."

Raesh says, "Which could lead into a lot of things - prestige, patrons, non-coin rewards."

Raesh says, "There's a lot of places to install "purpose" to the system so to speak."

Seldaren nods.

Raesh says, "Mechanically I have a fairly solid idea how I want the crownd thing to work."

Raesh says, "*Crowd."

Raesh says, "So I'm not sure which one of us will eventually end up writing it, both of us have had quite a lot going on lately."

Seldaren says, "Just volunteer another GM. I'm sure that will work fine."

Raesh grins at Seldaren.

Evike says, "Not it."

Raesh says, "Yeah, I keep thinking I have minions."

Raesh says, "And then somehow I end up doing it all anyhow and I find out my minions are really someone else's minions."

Raesh says, "(Usually Socharis's)."

Shavay says, "I vote for Lyneya."

Raesh says, "She's definately not a minion."

Useff points at a harried bureaucrat.

A harried bureaucrat says, "I am your minion, sir."

Raesh says, "Bottom line on this, and really a lot of Bard development (And Trader development and... <blank> development)."

Useff says, "Me too." Odd, Useff's lips didn't seem to move.

Raesh says, "Is dev staff isn't too big right now and we've had some HUGE projects on our plate."

Raesh says, "We're on the desert course with most of those projects (Mainly 3.0)."

A harried bureaucrat asks, "It odd for me to be a Toad's toady?" You notice Shavay's lips move slightly.

Seldaren nods.

Raesh says, "I know I'm not the only one who's just had to take a break from some of the 3.0 work to just do... something else."

Raesh says, "Which is a really round about way to avoid saying the word 'Soon'."

Seldaren says, "Right."

Useff says, "3.0 has been fun."

Seldaren says, "Okay, so there are thoughts, but it's definitely not just around the corner."

Raesh says, "As a general observation."

Raesh nods to Seldaren.

Raesh says, "Yes."

Raesh says, "This isn't just Bards I'm speaking to for a moment."

Raesh says, "I expect 2013 to be more a "year of events and finishing 3.0" than "a year of all the new things 3.0 lets us do and was delaying"."

Raesh says, "You may have noticed our latest batch of GMs has been trickling out, and they're almost all the event types."

Raesh says, "And eventing is a good way to take a break from coding."

Evike folds her arms across her chest.

Raesh says, "Yes, that's an brand new Event GM sitting over there like a gargoyle."

Raesh says, "She still has that new GM smell."

Evike says, "No I don't."

Raesh sniffs at Evike.

Evike says, "I smell delicious."

Raesh says, "Yeha, you do."

Shavay sniffs at Evike.

Shavay says, "Mmm, waffles."

Useff says, "You should plan a GM coding event."

Navesi is next.

Navesi says, "Oh, well. Sorry to bring this up in light of all the 3.0 burnout you were just talking about."

Navesi asks, "What are the next spells on your list to do, and what are the next brand new spells?"

Raesh says, "Not burn out. Breather."

Raesh grins.

Navesi grins at Raesh.

Raesh says, "I jumped into the 3.0 conversion process late (I... don't think any of the bard spells were converted by me)."

Raesh says, "Which makes bug fixing them interesting, since first I have to figure out what they're doing..."

Raesh says, "Which is why you saw me crank out so many spells in a short period of time."

Raesh says, "I've got about 12-15 new spells approved (Across several guilds), but right now the focus is on making sure all the spells that are out are working right."

Raesh says, "As we discussed, many of them just aren't right now."

Navesi nods.

Raesh says, "After that we need to pick up the remaining conversions."

Raesh says, "Beyond that... let me check my notes on what's approved and what's not."

Raesh laughs!

Navesi says, "Just a note, but playing a low-circle bard I would suggest another basic debilitation spell."

Raesh says, "Okay, I've got three Bard spells approved that are entirely new."

Skylaar asks Navesi, "Whats wrong with aewo?"

Raesh says, "One of them we already talked about, which is Thunderous Voice."

Raesh says, "Or Voice of Thunder. I go back and forth. I think Thunderous Voice is leading right now."

Navesi says, "I love AEWO, but it disables the critters a little too well. I tend not to learn defenses as well with it."

Evike says to Raesh, "Thunderous Voice."

Evike nods to Raesh.

Navesi says, "It would just be nice to have a second option. Not critical though."

Raesh says, "The next is a multishot TM spell."

Raesh says, "It's not named yet, but it's basically kind of an ice shotgun - or at least that's the current concept."

Shavay says to Evike, "Perhaps 'Yabba Dabba Doo'."

Raesh says, "That may change some as multishot TM spells change."

Evike fixes Shavay with a serene, lofty stare.

Raesh says, "We're trying to carve out a specific role for multishots to play."

Raesh says, "Since right now the role they're playing is "Crappy"."

Raesh says, "It'll be a basic spell and sit next to BoS as an alternate spell."

Raesh says, "The final one is picking up Failure of the Forge."

Useff asks, "No Madmen?"

Dreamheart asks, "Sirennn?"

Raesh says, "As I said, there's several that still need conversion."

Raesh says, "Those will happen before the new spell."

>l Also here: Eluren, Shavay, Carabella, Johul who is sitting, Useff, Musician Azfa, Iasy, Dreamweaver Dreamheart who is sitting, Doom's Whisper Broichan, Cearsten, Doom's Whisper Skylaar who is sitting, Leilond who is sitting, Magus Seldaren, Navesi, GameMaster Evike and GameMaster Raesh.

Raesh says, "Madmen, Siren... Aura and there's another one."

Seldaren says, "Dalu."

Raesh says, "Lullaby? Yeah I think that's the other one."

Raesh nods to Seldaren.

Navesi says to Raesh, "Well, ice shotgun. I think I love you."

Navesi nods to Raesh.

Shavay says, "So, Multishot..."

>read list

No one is waiting on this list.

Raesh says, "Failure of the Forge by the by will mostly be like an AoE CoZ."

Raesh says, "If you're familiar with that spell."

Shavay asks, "Have y'all considered making it several shots over so much time, instead of all at once?"

Raesh says, "Debuffs their armor/weapons."

Raesh says to Shavay, "That'd be more of a cyclic spell."

Shavay says, "Well, I don't mean open-ended."

Seldaren asks, "So like old AE?"

Shavay says, "I mean, like you cast, and then like 3 fire shards fire out over the course of 10 seconds."

Shavay says, "Or whatever."

Raesh looks at Shavay and shrugs.

Useff says, "Beer bottles."

Raesh says, "TM isn't really a core Bard thing."

Seldaren asks, "What's the plan for Resonance?"

Raesh says, "Aside from the enchantes that use it, their TM spells are meant to be fairly basic elemental spells."

Shavay says, "I don't mean it for bards, i mean core. Since multishot TM spells are broken."

Raesh says, "Blast it with lighting, blast it with ice, hope it dies."

Dreamheart says, "TM sure feels like it."

Dreamheart mutters to herself.

Raesh says, "I believe the current plans is that multishot spells are going to be you big gun."

Raesh says, "Basically instead of a lot of little hits."

Raesh says, "It'll be a lot of BIG hits, in exchange for a lot more mana, target time, prep time..."

Raesh says, "I don't recall the exact details offhand."

Raesh asks, "But the general idea is "Oh, I have some time to line this up and juice to spare?"

Raesh says, "And just really let it rip."

Raesh says, "Resonance is up in the air a little bit - mostly it's rather buggy right now."

Seldaren nods.

Raesh says, "It's going to stay close to the spell it is now."

Raesh says, "Just with bug fixes."

Seldaren says, "Cool."

Raesh says, "I've toyed with the idea of it giving a little electrical damage instead of some of the physical damage."

Raesh says, "But I don't think that's going to happen."

Shavay says, "Aww."

Raesh says, "It ends up feeling a little too warrior magish."

Shavay ponders.

Raesh says to Shavay, "Trust me, for pure killing power you don't want me to take that option."

Shavay says, "Have it add some Force of Impact... a sonic blast on hitting."

Raesh says to Shavay, "I'm purely considering that option as a way to help tone down the spell."

Raesh says, "As it is the bonus added by Resonance is... big."

Cearsten asks, "Are you planning on keeping it so that you can resonance other people's weapons?"

Raesh says, "I don't know how the final math is going to come down."

Seldaren asks, "Is that a thing now?"

Raesh says, "But it's at the upper end of the curve for sure."

Raesh says, "No. The bonding part is going away - it was never really implimented properly, and we're going to change all the weapon buff spells to be on the caster no the weapon I believe."

Raesh says, "So basically whatever weapon is in your hand, it'll get the resonance buff."

Raesh says, "So if you swap weapons you won't have to recast."

Cearsten nods to Raesh.

Raesh says, "But if you hand it off the effect will fade."

Seldaren says, "I love the bonding."

Dreamheart asks, "Will crying help?"

Dreamheart says, "I love letting my song help others for a change. There are not many of those."

Raesh says to Dreamheart, "That's because most of your songs are buggy right now as we discussed."

Raesh says, "They SHOULD be helping others."

Useff says, "Well save resonance for last, then."

Useff says, "Almost makes you feel like a cleric blessing blades."

Raesh says, "That was never intended, the fact that you can do so now is a bug."

Dreamheart looks at Raesh and sighs.

Cearsten asks, "Would it be possible to cast the spell on another as an alternative?"

Raesh says, "Doubtful. Generally speaking the weapon buff spells are extremely powerful."

Raesh says, "They're something we need to be careful with."

Azfa says, "It would be nice if we are grouped and one sings resonance and another sings rage etc."

Seldaren says, "Neither are cyclic."

Dreamheart says to Azfa, "Can do that already."

Seldaren says, "One bard can cast both."

Azfa says, "Ah."

Raesh says, "Rage spreads to your group already - AND doesn't spam a million times over any more."

Seldaren says, "Thank you for that."

Useff says, "Yes, thanks for that."

Azfa says, "I have nae played around with most of the spells since I can nae use most of them yet."

Cearsten says, "Yeah. I get that, having ignite on a weapon at the same time which may or may not have happened at some point could be pretty epic in a bad way."

Raesh says, "I think Evike had some stuff to cover before we wrap."

Evike exclaims, "Just some questions!"

Seldaren says, "Blue."

Seldaren says, "No, yellow."

Evike fixes Seldaren with a serene, lofty stare.

Seldaren grins.

Evike says, "I will punt you."

Evike squints.

Evike says, "IF its possible, I'd like to look into making you guys some new instruments."

Evike says, "I haven't dug into the code, I don't know how scary it is."

Evike says, "But, I want to know what kind of things you'd like to see."

Azfa exclaims to Evike, "Run! Then hide!"

Evike says, "So, no promises."

Seldaren says, "One handed, weather proof, very high difficulty."

Evike says, "No."

Navesi says, "I'd like a viol."

Cearsten asks, "Oooh. Instruments. Do you think we'll ever be able to carve our own?"

Navesi asks, "Wait... viola?"

We have both.

Evike says, "I'll forget if you tell me now. But, feel free to email me if you have ideas of an instrument we don't have in DR."

Evike says, "If I can't do the code, I'll pass them on and nag someone who can."

Evike beams!

Navesi says, "I know we have a lyra viol, but I've never been able to find a viola."

Evike says, "We don't currently have violas."

Seldaren says, "Take that, mysterious voice from the heavens."

Evike says, "I'm not too sure on how we'd handle larger instruments like that either."

Dreamheart says, "A viola is not that large."

Azfa asks, "Like a bass viol?"

Evike says, "It gets a little larger than what we have now."

Evike says, "As I said, I don't know what the code looks like, as far as what it can and can't handle."

Evike says, "But, I'm willing to look at it and slap it around a little."

Azfa says, "Balalaika."

Azfa ducks her head.

Azfa says, "In different voices."

Evike says, "Email me."

Evike grins.

Azfa nods.

Azfa asks, "Ye just want suggestions or descriptions too?"

Evike says, "I'll take whatever you've got. Just the name, full descriptions, whatever."

Azfa nods.

Evike says, "That's about all I've got since I'm just a new events GM that smells like waffles."

Useff sniffs at Evike.

Azfa asks, "Nae syrup?"

Azfa peers quizzically at Evike.

Useff says, "Holy smokes, you do."

Evike says, "No, gross."

Dreamheart says, "Waffles are good stuff."

Azfa giggles.

Carabella cackles!

Leilond grins.

Evike says, "Waffles are amazing."

Evike shrugs.

Shavay ponders.

Shavay says to Evike, "Theremin."

Useff grins at Shavay.

Evike says, "No."

Carabella snickers at Shavay.

Shavay says, "It would have to be charged with Elemental mana."

Broichan says, "We could have tambourine waffles like moon mages get moon waffles."

Shavay says, "You know, for the electricity."

Evike says, "If I make a theremin it will have a huge chance to shock and kill you."

Evike says, "Be warned."

Seldaren asks, "Hurdy-gurdy?"

Shavay says to Evike, "Deal."

Shavay shakes Evike's hand.

Evike says, "Emmmmaaaaail meeeee."

Seldaren grins.

Seldaren says, "Yeah yeah."

Azfa says, "She's begging for an email."

Shavay says, "Keytar."

Raesh asks, "Bowls of water?"

Azfa asks, "How about a ball of yarn?"

Raesh squints at Evike.

Azfa ducks her head.

Seldaren says, "Air guitar."

Evike says, "That's it, deleting bards."

Azfa says, "I'll have to bribe her with catnip."

Azfa snorts, loudly.

Carabella cowers away from Evike!

Raesh rocks it with his air guitar.

Cearsten chuckles.

(Shavay starts humming "Never Gonna Give You Up.")

Cearsten says, "Oh god."

Cearsten says, "She didn't."

Cearsten says, "He."

Cearsten babbles incoherently.

Leilond chuckles.

Useff says, "When the toad starts air guitar, you know the meeting is over."

Evike asks, "Wait am I a dude again?"

Cearsten says, "No not you."

Cearsten points at Shavay.

Cearsten snickers.

Raesh asks, "Smoke on the water?"

Evike says, "Oh."

Azfa says, "Nae Freebird."

Azfa ducks her head.

Cearsten says, "The bard meeting just got ricrolled."

Dreamheart laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.

Faenella have mercy.

Evike sighs.

Carabella snickers.

You smirk.


Dreamheart gasps!

Cearsten snickers.

Seldaren says, "Not that guillible, thanks."

Raesh asks, "Did you know they took guillible out of the dictionary this year?"

Raesh squints at Seldaren.

Seldaren says, "What really? I have to go check."

Johul chuckles.

Dreamheart shakes her head at Seldaren.

Carabella cackles!

Leilond grins.

Raesh says, "... right."

Raesh asks, "Anyone got anything else?"

Cearsten chortles softly at some secret joke.

Raesh asks, "Or can I kick you all out and go back to bed?"

Raesh grins.

Azfa exclaims, "Fine!"

Leilond smiles.

Useff says, "My head is empty. It's time to go."

Broichan gets an impish expression on his face, and lets out a hearty cheer.

Shavay says, "Http://"

Azfa says, "I'm leaving then."

Leilond says, "Thank you for holding this meeting, Raesh."

Dreamheart nods to Useff.

Azfa waves.

Useff says, "Thanks you guys."

Seldaren asks, "Pft, it's 8 pm for you, right?"

Leilond says, "And Evike."

Azfa says, "Thank ye for holding this meeting."

Cearsten says to Raesh, "Bring back Elvis."

Dreamheart praises Raesh.

Cearsten nods to Raesh.

Carabella exclaims, "Yeah thank you much!"

Cearsten says, "That's it."

Dreamheart stands up.

Evike grins.

Raesh says, "For those of you who don't know I usually work graveyards, I'm on vacation currently which is why you see me having such odd hours."

Azfa says, "Nae its 8:30pm."

Johul stands up.

Azfa waves.

Azfa just skipped out.

Evike beams at Useff!

Doom's Whisper Broichan went through a pair of glass doors.

Useff asks, "Through the door?"

Raesh says, "Yeah."

Useff points at a pair of glass doors.

Johul went through a pair of glass doors.

Seldaren waves.

Raesh says, "And then the next door I think."

Magus Seldaren went through a pair of glass doors.

Leilond stands up.

Leilond smiles.

Raesh says, "It's been awhile since I set it up."

Leilond raises his hand in a quick salute.

Useff looks at Raesh and applauds!

Leilond went through a pair of glass doors.

Carabella stretches her arms.

Useff went through a pair of glass doors.

You say, "Thank you both."

You smile.

Cearsten says, "Raesh, Evike, thank you."

Navesi says, "Thank you Raesh, Evike, and mysterious guest."

Evike says, "Thanks for coming."

Carabella beams at Raesh!

Raesh takes a sip of his Rum.

Cearsten waves.

Carabella beams at Evike!

>go door

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