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Personal Information
Over 2,000 years
Mountain Elf, Elamiri
Warrior Mage
Marital Status:
Betrothed to Rhena Windrider


You see High Wizard Pormethius Cinderstone, Transcendent Warrior Mage of Ilithi, an Elf.
Pormethius has a square-jawed face, pointed ears, sparkling stormy grey eyes and a small nose. His black hair is shoulder length and straight, and is worn loose. He has translucent skin and an athletic build.
He is a bit over average height for an Elf.
He appears to be ancient.
He is in good shape.

He is holding a gloomwood hafted haralun spear inset with Elven silver in his right hand.
He is wearing a darkened Elven war hauberk set with heavy steel spikes across the shoulders, a darkened war balaclava crowned with a curved tyrium blade depicting the swan of Elamiri, a twisted dragonwood wizard's staff cradling a tempest sapphire, a dark gloomwood-handled broom with skeletal claw handgrips, a timeworn wizard's pack with a lupine katambite clasp, a sigilated enchanter's ring embossed with the black wolf of Meraud, a black obsidian skull, a large cambrinth and niello wolf charm and some tyrium mail gloves.



Perhaps it is cliche in times such as these to describe one's past as a long and difficult journey; however, to offer an alternate depiction would be mendacious. The Cinderstone family traces its roots back to the Wind Clan elves. Both of my grandparents were of the nomadic clan living near what is now Horse Clan. Lured under a banner of friendship and peace, my grandparents accepted the invitation to visit the Iron Clan realm where they were treacherously betrayed. No quarter was given to any elf that was a warrior or of a mature age during the enslavement. My parents, being fairly young at this point in time, were able to survive and endure servitude for another 150 years until a champion would arise who would vindicate the fallen and liberate the enslaved, thus leading to the establishment of the kingdom of Elamiri.

Family & Youth:

In order to better comprehend several decisions made throughout my long life, it is helpful to understand my upbringing. My family encouraged the honing of combat skills before seeking after a profession or hobbies, for they learned all to well how quickly the latter can be taken away if one is not prepared to defend the rights to such freedoms. Both my parents were skilled fighters and had their hand in the final storming of the throne room on the day of liberation. For their bravery, they were given a beautiful moonlit wedding on the Dragonspine Mountains and an estate in Elamiri. Shortly following this monumental event, my mother conceived and gave birth to an energetic and boisterous baby, Pormethius Cinderstone.

Mother was also a renowned alchemist and my father frequently enjoyed delving into binding enchantments; however, they both forsook a life of luxury and comfort to continue service to the Queen in the military. Time with my mother was considered precious as she was frequently called away on assignment due to her skills at tracking and an ability to strike from stealth with great prescision. My father, however, came from a long line of arcane magicians and spearmen. While my mother taught me tracking & alchemy when time permitted, it was in my father's footsteps I was to primarily follow as I showed a proficiency with the spear and elemental arts. It was in these early years that my relationship and respect for my father deepened as he personally oversaw my tutelage. One of my fondest memories of him came during my 20th birthday. For almost a year he worked in secret while I slept at crafting a beautiful sigilated ring embossed with a wolf in honor of the family diety, Meraud. One day, he promised this item would house the Cinderstone family spear, Cercorim (meaning Spear of Lightning). He was able to conceal this weapon on the day of enslavement and frequently spoke of a time when this weapon would be handed down to me once I gained the proper skill; however, fate had other designs for my family and people.


Sidhlot...the mere whisper of this name still boils the blood despite the passing of time. The silver tongued Elf with an eye for power and dominion over the Mountain set his plot in motion to overthrow our beloved Queen when I was but a boy at the age of 26 years old. I was ordered by my father's familiar, an enormous and beautiful lynx, to remain at the estate and not to venture into the streets. I could feel the sorcerous magic pervading the city by Sidhlot's followers as they pressed against the Central Watch defenders. I had heard tale that in the heat of battle time slows, but this was nothing how I imagined. After several hours of nerve wracked pacing, the unimaginable occurred. With a mournful, bone-chilling howl my father's familiar faded from my sight and I knew the worst had happened. Sidhlot, as I was later informed by the Captain of the Central Watch, had personally killed my parents while they were valiantly defending the Queen in an effort to subdue him. To know of his failed coup brought some measure of peace but paled in comparison to the knowledge that he would spend the rest of his unnatural life in the worst possible punishment for him, imprisoned slave to the Queen. Nevertheless, this was to be a short lived reprieve. Not long thereafter, a Lieutenant brought word that Sidhlot, murderer of my family, had managed to escape the dungeons of Elamiri with the help of his followers. Cercorim in hand and knuckles turned white from a fierce grip, I recall feeling as though I would break the family spear as I listened to the news...

To Present...

It was in this moment that I decided I would not allow a world to exist where the murderer of my parents could roam free, unchecked and unchallenged beyond the Moutain. On that same stormy night, I climbed to the highest peak in the Dragonspine Mountains where I swore an oath to my gods, Meraud and Firulf, that I would honor them all the days of my life if I would be blessed to live long enough to see Sidhlot pay for his crimes. To my utter amazement, a majestic jet-black wolf slowly emerged from the mist below. The God of magic took kindness towards me and granted the wisdom to live to see my goal to fruition. With the blessing of my god and my Queen, I left my estate in Elamiri and set out to utilize all the tracking and combat skills my parents had bestowed upon me to find, interrogate and kill every bone elf that fell within my sights. With each kill, my knowledge of Sidhlot's clan grows and brings me closer to my ultimate goal. That glorious day when my family will be avenged and the bone elf clan faded into the memoires of Elanthia.