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The PIN command is used in-game to display private account data that is used to identify you as the account holder for a given character when communicating with Simutronics.

These numbers should never be shared with anyone since they can be used to delete or transfer your characters.

Use and Syntax


WARNING:  Do not give this number out to anyone!

Your Character Index Number is XXXXXX.
Your Player Identification Number is

Please save this number in a secure place.

WARNING:  Do not give this number out to anyone!

    >> >> For details, type PIN HELP. << <<
>pin help
New Player Identification Numbers!

As a special service to our customers, Simutronics Corporation has installed a new feature that we are
calling your Player Identification Number (PIN).

The Player Identification Numbers are like a password that you can use to verify that a character
belongs to you.  Usually, when we get Email from a player about their character, we simply match the
return Email address with the Email address that is recorded as part of the character record.  However,
as the online community grows and more and more people have more and more accounts on a variety of
services, including the Internet, the Email we get about characters is not always from the account that
the character is associated with.

Using your PIN, you can identify a character as belonging to you, even when you are not Emailing us
from that account.  If you were to suddenly be called out of town and send Email to us from a remote
Internet account, for example, asking that your character be protected from being purged, then you
would be able to provide us with the PIN, and we would know the request really comes from you.

WARNING:  It is absolutely vital that you keep your Player Identification Number secret.  Never tell
another player what your PIN is.  Your PIN is just like a password, KEEP IT SECRET.

There are three things that you must know about your character in order to identify it.  You must know
the full, proper spelling of the character's first name.  You must know the character index number(a
reference number used in the game database), a number that is told to you when you get your PIN, and
you must know the PIN.

Next time you are in the game, use the PIN command and jot down those three things:
          First name of the character.
          Character index.
          Player Identification Number.