Pi'rasha's Pins (1)

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Pi'ratha's Pins
Event Hollow Eve Festival 399
Owner Pi'ratha
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Dokoras
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[Pi'ratha's Pins]
Large brass stand lamps burn brightly along each tapestry-hung wall, their shining reflectors wrought into the shapes of stylized rising suns. A carved sandalwood table bears four aged-ivory trays, a sturdy rack of cloaks standing to either side. Exuberantly colored carpets in rich reds and golds muffle the footfalls of those who visit here. You also see an elegant bronze mannequin with a dark-scaled desert shroud gathered by a simple animite cloak pin on it, an ornately lettered sign, a carved sandalwood sideboard with a couple of things on it and a doorway curtained with colorful glass beads. Obvious exits: none.

The brooches and pins are used to pin certain compatible cloaks closed.

  • STUDY CLOAK/SHROUD: You study your XXXX cloak closely, and you notice that your cloak is missing a cloak pin or some other sort of fastener. You don't see how you can wear it until you replace the missing pin.

Note: Using TAKE <PIN/BROOCH> rather than GET <PIN/BROOCH> may cause problems.

An ornately lettered sign reads:
"Attention Guests!  It is important for you to know, these cloaks are meant to be worn with the interchangeable 
cloak pins and brooches sold here.  Pins may be worn by themselves, but the cloaks require a closure to wear.  
Please, buy as many pins as you like, and change them as it suits your fancy!  The mannequin bears an example of one 
of these fine cloaks clasped by my fabulously wrought cloak pins, for the curious

In the dark ivory tray
Item Price Done
iron bow-and-arrow cloak pin 902   No
silver briquet cloak pin 1804   No
copper crossbow cloak pin 902   No
golden longsword cloak pin 3608   No
In the simple ivory tray
Item Price Done
simple animite cloak pin 90200   
simple platinum cloak pin 9020   No
simple gold cloak pin 4510   No
simple silver cloak pin 902   No
In the ornate ivory tray
Item Price Done
enameled leaf-shaped brooch 1804   !!
lacquered amaranth brooch 902   No
golden hibiscus blossom brooch 3068   No
red-gold hhyssk'et cloak pin 3608   
In the carved ivory tray
Item Price Done
sinuous rattlesnake cloak pin 1127   No
heavy iron yeehar cloak pin 902   No
spidery silver wire cloak pin 1353   No
gold adan'f skull cloak pin 3608   
On the bronze rack
Item Price Done
brushed Musparan silk cloak with a missing clasp 27060   
enveloping nightsilk cloak with a missing clasp 45100   No
ghostly gossamer cloak with a missing clasp 18040   No
billowing spidersilk cloak with a missing clasp 27060   !!
plain green wool cloak with a missing clasp 2706   !!
On the iron rack
Item Price Done
pure-white snowbeast pelt cloak with a missing clasp 27060   No
luxurious cougar pelt cloak with a missing clasp 27060   No
dark-scaled desert shroud with a missing clasp 33825   !!
undyed leather cloak with a missing clasp 4510   No
thick yeehar hide cloak with a missing clasp 27060   !!
On the sandalwood sideboard
Item Price Done
chilled silver pitcher of fresh hhyssk'et juice spiked with a splash of Velakan tequila 0   
miniature sand spider cake topped with spicy hhyssk'et jam 0