Phoenix Disorder

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Caution.png Note that the following article is not necessarily accurate due to this group's status as a player-run organization. Because these types of articles are maintained by players about players, there is always the risk of alteration due to malice or desire for anonymity. This page will be monitored by the staff; please do not allow it to become a battleground. -The Elanthipedia Moderators

Phoenix Disorder is an unofficial group of people with similar goals but different abilities and interests. These goals include travel and education, hunting parties, acting as liaisons between other groups and orders if desired, and random acts of kindness. The group's name comes from the desire to not be known as a structured order or group, but rather something more flexible and mutable, bending to fit the needs of the world it resides in.
In detail:

~Diplomatic/liaison missions
~Education travel
~Random acts of kindness
~Helping newcomers to Kermoria
~Protection and healing or triage for the citizens of all towns and cities
~Participation in other order and group events
~Hunting groups

There is no strict structure or hierarchy to Phoenix Disorder, but the group is led by Mystiri Lionessa, who prefers to say, "Go for it!" when any member has an idea. Like the nature of the phoenix, the group is reborn and recreated with the changing dynamics of its members. Anyone from any order is welcome to participate in missions, hunts, and educational trips. When informal group meetings are held, all are invited, and different members are invited to host or lead the meeting.

There are few rules to Phoenix Disorder, but among them are respect for others at all times, keeping the strictest of confidence, and maintaining dignity. Members are also asked to think of alternate methods to fighting to resolve differences, but will unite if a threat exists to any member. The "speaking stick" is a gold yoyo.

The symbol for Phoenix Disorder is a phoenix flying over a brig sailing on the open seas.


The group exists all over Kermoria, but headquarters are located upon the brig The Bloody Sabre, and therefore exists wherever is best suited for its members at that particular time.


Members from any other group or order are welcome to be members on a temporary or full-time basis, provided it does not interfere with the bylaws of their orders.