Pharist's Vintage Leaves

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Pharist's Vintage Leaves
Event Theren Festival 1, Theren Festival 2
Owner Pharist
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Smoking shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Pharist's Vintage Leaves, Showroom]
Soft light flowing in from the window flaps of the tent fills the room with a velvety haze. Within the heavenly fog, sweet aromas can almost be seen floating effortlessly throughout the showroom. Five barrels line the canvas walls to showcase the variety of fine leaves, each more exotic than the other and all adding to the distinctive bouquet of a tobacco shop. You also see a display shelf with some stuff on it, an ironwood table with some stuff on it, a purple velvet curtain and an opening in the tent wall leading out.
Obvious exits: none.

In the hogshead barrel
Item Price Done
Dwarven blend tobacco 300   No
In the ragged pine barrel
Item Price Done
sun-cured tobacco 300   No
In the brown-stained barrel
Item Price Done
bourbon-soaked tobacco 500   No
In the brass hoop barrel
Item Price Done
autumn harvest tobacco 400   
In the mud-covered barrel
Item Price Done
southern dark tobacco 300   No
On the display shelf
Item Price Done
Dwarven bent pipe 1,000   No
plum pipe 500   No
prince pipe 600   No
wolf's grin pipe 900   No
In the small amatista jar on the ironwood table
Item Price Done
prince cigarillo 101   No
In the large jar on the ironwood table
Item Price Done
Midnight Diademas
diademas cigar 100   No
In the cedar box on the ironwood table
Item Price Done
culebras cigar 100   No

[Pharist's Vintage Leaves, Lounge]
Soft glowing embers dot the room like a swarm of fireflies. Upon second glance the outlines of Pharist's best customers can be seen enjoying the finest leaves from this year's harvest. Large pillows and plush leather chairs form a circle around a table in the center of the dark room. You also see a dark curtain and a small flap.
Obvious exits: none.

On the glass table
Item Price Done
miner's scotch 0   No
blueberry brandy 0   No
shadow vineyard port 0   No

[Pharist's Vintage Leaves, Workshop]
Crates of tobacco product form two semicircles surrounding a small workbench. A glass lantern hangs low over the table, affording Pharist just the slightest amount of room to work his craft. You also see a small flap and a pine stool.
Obvious exits: none.