Petrifying Visions (2.0)

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Necromancer thumb.jpgNecromancer Guild
Petrifying Visions
Abbreviation: PV
Prerequisites: Visions of Darkness
Minimum Prep: 9
Casting Cap: 64
Valid Spell Target: Critters, Others
Description: The Petrifying Visions allows the caster to channel energy into their opponents mind. If successful, the spell taps into the primal fears and uncertainties about life that reside deep within the mortal mind. The end result causes the victim to be paralyzed until they can reconcile and repress what they saw.
Example Messaging: Your vision fails you, filled with brief, primal visions of writhing, undescribable horrors. As your brain struggles with their defiance of reality, you are left petrified with only the certainty that what you saw should never have been glimpsed.

You manage to repress the horror and impossibility of what you have glimpsed, allowing yourself to move again.


  • Causes immobilization.
  • Inflicts nerve damage upon victim.