Perfect Percussion (1)

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Perfect Percussion (1)
Event Return to Taisidon
Owner Unknown
# of Rooms Unknown
Store Type Music shops
This store only accepts Lirums
On the driftwood bench
Item Price Done
bamboo tipper ?   No
ebonwood drum stick 1329   No
polished drum stick ?   !!
driftwood drum stick 200   No
On the display table
Item Price Done
small silver-edged bamboo bodhran ?   No
brightly painted native ritual drum 5,000   No
carved khor'vela wood shaman's drum 1,500   No
brown desumos hide doumbec ?   
jade-eyed paguur skull damaru 2,905   
crude tambourine painted with the detailed image of a curled dragon 1,600   No
gold-tipped desumos bones ?   No
oyster shell castanets 742   
silver-tipped heitak bones ?   
small driftwood temple drum adorned with heitak feathers ?   
platinum-tipped arzumos bones ?