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Pendegast Scrimm
Race Elf
Gender Male
Guild undisclosed
Instance Prime


Originally, a player character that claimed to be the Mayor of The Crossing. Subsequently, he achieved some degree of officialness.

Possibly after he quit, his position as mayor was legitimized by some of the descriptions in the Crossings Town Hall. He is said to have stolen funds from the town coffers and run away. His sister is Myca (an Elf who thought she was S'kra).

This was some background information I was able to dig up. It was posted by someone named Elynden on the DRLIST yahoo group on November 23, 1998. [1]

For those who may not know the story, I'd like to just fill in a bit on who Pendegast is and presumably why he was acting as high councilor of Zoluren. Although I was there when this all of the following occurred, there are others who knew him far better and could shed more light on this (Pentaith, for one).
A long, long time ago, in approximately the year 348 after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer, there was a family of <cough> ill-repute who lived in Crossing, the Scrimms, Pendegast and his "sister" Myca. The Scrimms were well known to all as petty criminals who nonetheless maintained an air of ... style, I suppose one could say. They were, in the vernacular, a class act. But their crimes and misdeeds had always been rather limited in scope, and they and Crossing coexisted in wary peace. Then, one day, the Scrimms invaded the Crossing Infirmary in force. Over the cries and protests of the frightened and helpless empaths, Pendegast Scrimm took captive the well-known empath Dr. Tyler Holbrooke. Spiriting him away to their unknown lair, the Scrimms gwethed their intentions of immediately murdering Dr. Holbrooke if their demands were not immediately met. And their demands? For Pendegast to be recognized and honored thereafter as the Mayor of Crossing.
Hours of desperate negotiation followed, but with Tyler helpless to free himself, and the constant threat of his immediate death if anyone attempted his rescue, the leaders of Crossing eventually, reluctantly, agreed to this demand. Thereafter, Pendegast was known to all as the Mayor of Crossing, and presumably still is to this day, although of later years he has become mysteriously reclusive and in fact, has been unseen by all but his very closest friends and advisors. Some have even wondered if he still lives, or if he has passed into Legend along with so many from the Age of Heroes. Hence, the significance of those credentials carried by Haragil, from "I, Pendegast, High Councilor of Zoluren". Either Pendegast still lives, or there are those who wish us to think he does.......