Pavilion Mystic

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Pavilion Mystic
Festival Jeraya Lanival
# of Rooms 6
Store Type Moon Mage shops, Clothing shops, Miscellaneous shops, Container shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Pavilion Mystic, Curtained Hall]
Midnight blue curtains embroidered with strange, shifting designs in gold and silver thread line this short hallway. Gaps in the curtains allow passage to other sections of the pavillion.
Obvious exits: north, east, west, out.

[Pavilion Mystic, Ashen Chamber]
Sheets of slate-grey fabric are stretched over the walls, leaning at odd and unconcerting angles. Faint clouds of smoke hang in the air, slits in the curtains leading to other parts of the pavilion. You also see an eyeglass stand with some stuff on it, an ivory case with some stuff on it, a glass case with some stuff on it and a thin lapis pedestal with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: south.

On the eyeglass stand
Item Price Done
spidery copper-rimmed spectacles  ?   
horn-rimmed spectacles  ?   No
thin silver spectacles  ?   !!
polished copper monocle  ?   No
On the ivory case
Item Price Done
blue silk pouch stitched with silver constellations 1,250   No
deep black pouch stitched with silver constellations 1,250   No
crude wolfskin pouch stitched with silver thread 1,250   No
On the glass case
Item Price Done
black iron medallion engraved with an image of Dergati  ?   
onyx medallion engraved with an image of Damaris 10,000   No
opal medallion engraved with an image of Phelim 10,000   No
pair of opal earrings shaped like moons 7,500   !!
blue lapis tailband inlaid with opals and garnets 18,750   No
silver tailband engraved with mystic sigils 10,000   No
silver signet ring bearing the seal of the Celestial Compact  ?   No
On the lapis pedestal
Item Price Done
amber divination bones 10,000   
ruby-inlaid bones 25,000   
diamond-inlaid bones 50,000   No
lapis-inlaid bones 12,500   No
decayed corpse bones 10,000   No
glass bones 11,250   No
jet-black divination bones 8,750   No

[Pavilion Mystic, Jade Chamber]
Shimmering jade silk lines the walls of this small room, fashioned as a waiting-area. A large sign hangs prominantly beside an opening to the north.
Obvious exits: north, west.

A large sign reads:

The Pavillion Mystic is proud to present the services, for a limited time only, of Elanthia-reknowned tailor [[Mortreyu]] Nocticus! 
Mr. Nocticus has a long and distinguished career of tailoring for famous magicians all across the continent. While his services 
normally cost platinums a minute, tonight he is here for you!

Mr. Nocticus will alter your clothing, sheaths, jewelery, or containers, but works with no other materials. 
Weapons and armor are not worthy of his skill, so please do not ask. Likewise, do not ask for anything evil, bloodstained, gory, 
insipid, or anything that cannot be described in one breath, or he will exercise the right to thrash you about the head and 
shoulders thusly and throw you into the street where all will mock you for your obvious lack of taste.

Base fees begin at three gold, and rise sharply for special materials or boring requests. 
Wardrobe critiques are extra, though Mr. Nocticus has been known to make exceptions for the truly needy. 

[Pavilion Mystic, Copper Chamber]
This chamber, the walls lined with drapes of glittering copper, is outfitted with a dizzying array of tailoring equipment and supplies. The only exit is an open curtain to the south.
Obvious exits: south.

[Pavilion Mystic, Ivory Chamber]
The walls of this room are lined with billowing drapes of ivory silk, the scent of sandalwood incense hanging in the air. Openings in the drapes lead to other parts of the pavilion. You also see a long clothesrack with some stuff on it, a tall ironwood hatstand with a black mortarboard on it and a small ivory table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: north, east.

On the long clothesrack
Item Price Done
copper silk imperial scholar's robe  ?   No
deep blue silk robe embroidered with silver constellations  ?   
flowing black seer's robe  ?   No
elegant sky-blue imperial courtier's robe  ?   No
On the ironwood hatstand
Item Price Done
black mortarboard 875   No
On the ivory table
Item Price Done
ivory cotton robe  ?   No
deep crimson sash embroidered with golden sigils 2,500   
flowing jade sash embroidered with silver sigils 2,500   
ivory white sash embroidered with copper sigils 2,500   

[Pavilion Mystic, Nocturne Chamber]
The walls of this room are covered over with night-black satin, studded with flecks of silver that glitter in the lamplight. A fold in the fabric allows exit to the south. You also see a low ebony pedestal with a flowing purple robe on it, a tall black coatstand with some stuff on it, a long wicker clothesrack with some stuff on it and a curved ivory stand with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: south.

On the ebony pedestal
Item Price Done
flowing robe of deep purple silk  ?   No
On the black coatstand
Item Price Done
silver talisman engraved with the sigil of Tezirah 8,750   
high-collared black satin robe with a crimson hem  ?   
On the wicker clothesrack
Item Price Done
swirling colorful silken dress 5,000   
low-bodiced green velvet dress 5,000   No
flowing black linen shirt  ?   No
fringed gypsy scarf  ?   
On the ivory stand
Item Price Done
crude leather vest stitched with tiny bones  ?   
tattered boarskin shaman's robe  ?   No
faded cougarskin shaman's robe  ?   No