Pathway of Secrecy quest walkthrough

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Caution.png SPOILER ALERT!
This article reveals in-game secrets, spoilers, walkthroughs, or other information not intended for general knowledge in-game.

1. Ask leader about quest at any guild hall. I'd suggest doing this in Riverhaven since it's the closest city to Throne City. The guild leader will tell you that you need to go to the tower you went to for Accuracy.

2. Travel to the ruined tower in Throne City, from the stone docks go: South, Southeast, Southeast, Climb Slope, Go gate, south, southwest, southwest, southwest, go alley, south, west, west, west, climb stair, southwest

3. Give the letter that the guild leader gave you to the tower guard then climb tower

4. Climb step go hallway climb stair

5. Here you'll need to put 5 spells into the east pillar, I'd suggest using TM spells since they prep quickly. Prep a spell then when fully prepared touch east pillar. Do this five times then open east pillar, go east pillar. (9/6/16 I had to "Look Wall" before it would let me see the pillars) (2/9/19 as a note you don't have to wait for the spells to be fully prepared you can prep/touch immediately and still make this work)

6. You're now in a room with 4 braziers focus second brazier then pull chain under second brazier, focus fourth brazier pull chain under fourth brazier, focus first brazier pull chain under first brazier, focus third brazier pull chain under third brazier.

6B. I completed this quest on 12-6-07 the sequence above did NOT work for me, I used this script to negotiate the braziers:
(The sequence changes so the script may not work.)

put focus third brazier
pause 5
put pull chain under third brazier
put focus second brazier
pause 5
put pull chain under second brazier
put focus fourth brazier
pause 5
put pull chain under fourth brazier
put focus first brazier
pause 5
put pull chain under first brazier

6C. The secret is in discovering the proper order for yourself.
Focus on the brazier of choice then pull the chain under that same brazier. If nothing happens or the chains retract, that was not the correct order for that brazier and you must start over. If you have chosen correctly you will see something like:

A soft point of light appears on the brazier and rapidly begins to expand, forming the rune for the XXXX XXXX spell.

If this is the case move on to the next brazier of your choice until the sequence is completed correctly.
For example, when I did this, the proper sequence was second, fourth, first, third.

7. Pick up the tome and exit the same way you came in except instead of touching the east pillar touch the slab. (2/9/19 remember to prep/touch 5 spells into the slab before trying to open it) (Exit: climb stair, go hallway, climb step, open window, go window)

8. Take the tome back to the guild leader that gave you the quest

  • NOTE After a period of time the authorization letter will disappear. You can re-initiate the quest by going to a guild leader and “ask [guild leader] about quest”

Walkthrough written by Dasffion