Over the Edge (1)

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Over the Edge
Event Hollow Eve Festival 403, Hollow Eve Festival 406
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Weapon shops
Restrictions Platinum
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Over the Edge, Sales Floor]
Mounted along the walls is an assortment of weapons fashioned to slash, clobber, and otherwise eviscerate one's enemies, while various racks, stands, and trays display current merchandise. A large circle, clear of any obstacles, has been set up to allow for occasional demonstrations of the weaponry. You also see a pedestal with a bastard sword of mirror-finished steel with a star sapphire pommel on it, an open door and a narrow display case with several things on it.
Obvious exits: north.

On the notched walnut rack
Item Price Done
light bronze throwing axe with a grass eel-shaped haft 27,060   
wide-bladed hurling axe with an iron-banded handle 4,510   !!!!
bearded war axe with a carved bone handle 81,180   
hand axe with a platinum-banded ebony handle 36,080   !!
double-bladed battle axe etched with a dolphin and a shark 18,040   !!!!
On the pedestal
Item Price Done
bastard sword of mirror-finished steel with a star sapphire pommel 297,660   
On the lacquered tray
Item Price Done
star-etched carving knife 2,706   !!!!
simple boomerang of dark grey khor'vela wood 45,100   !!
spike-hilted falcata chased in silver 6,765   !!!!
sleek throwing dagger with a razor edge 7,216   !!!!
basket-hilt misericorde decorated with gold inlay 63,140   !!!!
steel short sword with a dragon-engraved blade 10,824   !!!!
slender rose-pommeled stiletto 2,255   !!!!
onyx-hilted katar with a snarling panther pommel 18,040   !!!!
slender steel throwing dagger with a white leather-wrapped handle 7,216   !!!!
The inventory of a lacquered tray rotates.
On the elongated teak stand
Item Price Done
slender lance with faint engravings along its length 3,6080   !!!!
bo-stick with an iron-banded grip 1,353   !!!!
twisting oak quarter staff capped with a copper raccoon head 2,255   
willow-hafted pike etched with undecipherable symbols 18,040   
branded nightstick scorched with a swirling pattern of burning birds 7,216   
iron-bound pike staff 13,530   !!!!
simple steel javelin 7,216   !!!!
elm-handled halberd topped by a grinning steel wolf head 14,432   
leaf-bladed spear with a thick bloodwood haft adorned with nightingale feathers 6,765   !!!!
The inventory of an elongated teak stand rotates.
On the sturdy ironwood stand
Item Price Done
ivory throwing club carved in the shape of a boar's tusk 25,256   !!!!
smoke-grey war mattock with a mottled steel head 16,236   !!!!
bone-handled cudgel with scorched markings 4,510   
bone-handled war club etched with dancing barbarians 10,824   !!!!
lead-weighted bludgeon of curved ash 2,255   
multi-hued maul with snow owl feathers hanging from its grip 21,648   !!!!
weighted morning star with a cat's head shaped handle 23,452   !!!!
bronze-banded boomerang of white ironwood 8,118   !!
throwing hammer 3,608   !!!!
multi-colored fringed bola 5,412   !!!!
twin-chained steel morning star 23,452   
bronzed flail with a mother-of-pearl inlaid handle 27,060   !!!!
The inventory of a sturdy ironwood stand rotates.
On the narrow display case
Item Price Done
gleaming flanged mace with an eagle's claw handle 22,550   !!!!
dark ironwood-hafted mace with a cruelly serrated head 5,412   
crescent-bladed scimitar engraved with a flame pattern 28,864   !!!!
tarnished cutlass with a cracked hilt 2,706   !!!!
golden oak-hilted rapier with a silvered blade 9,020   !!!!
straight-bladed sabre with a heavy brass crossguard 10,824   !!!!
flint-bladed cutlass with a lengthened handle 5,412   !!!!
ivory-hilted baselard with red-tinged blade 10,824   !!!!
basket-hilted foil 7,216   !!!!
thin steel foil with a twisted brass hilt 9,020   !!!!
heavy bronze throwing hammer with a river boa-shaped haft 36,080   
The inventory of a narrow display case rotates.
On the carved lunat rack
Item Price Done
tarnished hunting sword 7,216   !!!!
notched hunting sword with a silk-wrapped grip 9,020   !!!!
needle-tipped claymore etched with elegant lettering 27,060   !!!!
leaf-bladed broadsword with a two-handed hilt 18,040   !!!!
two-handed sword with a skull-shaped pommel 108,240   !!!!
velvet-handled greatsword etched with flames 135,300   !!!!
scored and notched two-handed sword 10,824   !!!!
dark longsword with a maple handle wrapped in thin leather cording 10,824   !!!!
items to categorize
Item Price Done
obsidian blade with a leather-wrapped hilt ?   !!!!
onyx-hilted katar with a snarling panther pommel ?   !!!!
polished steel dagger with platinum inlay ?   !!!!
barbed dart with sleek black feather flights ?   !!!!
serrated sabre ?   !!!!
golden oak-hilted rapier with a silvered blade ?   !!!!
bronzed gauntlet with a seashell handle ?   !!!!
oak-hafted war hammer inlaid with gold tracings ?   
blackened steel ball and chain ?   !!!!
bamboo bo stick ?   !!!!
iron halberd gleaming with bright steel ?   !!!!

[Over the Edge, Sales Floor]
Brass hurricane lamps hang from the ceiling and provide dim illumination for the empty armor racks that line the wagon walls. Several dusty boards covered with pegs lie stacked at the base of an empty display case. A leather book detailing coats of arms and heraldic devices rests atop a large paint-splattered table. Tucked behind the table, a black iron anvil sits within easy reach to make quick armor adjustments. You also see a thick oilcloth curtain and an upside-down wooden apple crate with a few things on it.
Obvious exits: south.

On the upside down crate
Item Price Done
small oak cask of pale ale 0   DG
tall pitcher of ice water 0   DG
pewter platter bearing a large roast turkey stuffed with cornbread 0   

Go Curtain:A servant bars your way, whispering "I'm sorry, but I'm under orders not to admit anyone unless they're properly accompanied."