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Established: ~381 AV
Area: Velaka
Affiliations: Outcast Tribes
Alternate Names: Outland Warriors, Outland Celendron Tribe
Governing Individual: Warrior King Raenilar
Founder: Wiseman Tiso
Current Spokesman: Wiseman Jappal.
Confirmed Members: Sharuul, Michie, Craetos, Siobannic, Lomelinde, Jappal, Purnay, Caprianna

The Outland Tribe is a group of warriors and patrons belonging to the Outcast Tribes, established after peace negoations and trade agreements were concluded with Therengia following the end of the Outcast War. The Outland Tribe, under the leadership of of its founder Wiseman Tiso, were charged with ensuring the continued presence of the Outcasts is observed.

It is important to note that while the Tribe itself has an elected leader and spokesman, said leader must be approved by Warrior King Raenilar of the Outcast Tribes. King Raenilar also controls the membership of the Outland Tribe, the current elected leader of the tribe is able to petition the king with a list of hopeful pledges but they must be approved by the King himself before any Outcast status is placed unto them.

With the retirement of Wiseman Tiso, a new Wiseman was approved by the King Raenilar to serve the members of the Outland Tribe. Wiseman Jappal was named and began to lead the tribe with Lomelinde serving as his captain. Without the guidance of the King, who withdrew into the deep desert, the Wiseman did his best to hold the Tribe together. Unsure of direction or goal, they settled themselves to personal tasks and withdrew from the public eye. Original members of the Outland Tribe, Alexii and Craetos were given permission by the King to leave this tribe and perform other duties for his council.

Recently, rumors have begun to spread of the return of Wiseman Jappal, and his heroic escape from being held captive and tortured at the hands of some unknown captors. Jappal has sworn to hunt down those responsible and bring them to Desert Justice. He has also begun rebuilding the Outland Tribe, seeking those lost in the wetlands, and wanting to find honor in strength.

Mark of the Outland Tribe

All members of the Outland Tribe carry this mark on them, some choose to hide it under clothing or in a pocket and others display it openly for all to see.

TAP: a brushed silver cloak pin set with a tiny glass figure of a flame-wreathed lion filled with glittering sand
LOOK: The flame-wreathed lion is composed of silvery glass and has been etched with lifelike detail. Tiny pieces of polished crystal mixed with the sand inside catch the light causing the sand to glitter brightly.