Ontralwyn Gemsmiths (1)

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Ontralwyn Gemsmiths
Event Jeraya Lanival, Web Festival
Owner Ontralwyn
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Shield shops, Jewelry shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Ontralwyn Gemsmiths, Display Area]
Silken fabric draped over a lightweight frame forms the walls and roof of this small tent. A soft carpet covers the bare ground, cushioning the steps of those within. A wooden folding screen divides the tent, allowing the gemsmiths to do custom work away from the main display area. You also see a weathered crate with some stuff on it, a table with some stuff on it, a small tray with some stuff on it, and a glass case.
Obvious exits: out.

On the weathered crate
Item Price Done
patterned leather skirt 10,000   !!
warrior's tower shield 11,250   !!
thick bearskin boots 2,125   !!
sturdy spider pouch 3,750   !!
weathered sheath inlaid with troll bone 1,875   !!
darkened quiver inlaid with crocodile teeth 4,125   !!
weathered beisswurm backpack 8,750   !!
camouflage leggings 2,500   !!
ugly grey sack 5,000   
On the table
Item Price Done
beaded wrist pouch 1,000   !!
inlaid jade band 1,250   
beaded mesh cap 10,000   No
jade and ivory circlet 5,000   No
inlaid ivory torque 6,000   !!
charm bracelet 7500   
carved ivory box 35,000   !!
On the small tray
Item Price Done
cherry tart 0   !!
taffleberry tart 0   !!
flagon of honey dew ale 0   No
In the glass case
Item Price Done
scintillating emerald 1,250   No
pair of brushed silver earrings 2,500   
flawless white opal 1,562   No
uncut diamond 1,875   No
pair of gold filigree earrings 2,500   
large black pearl 1,250   No
sparkling ruby 1,250   No