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Onara Delos
Race Elothean
Gender female
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime

You see Dreamweaver Onara Delos, Celestian of the House of the Silver Star, an Elothean. She has tilted almond-shaped blue-green eyes. Her deep purple-streaked snow-white hair is very long and curly, and is worn arranged in ringlets. She has fair skin and a slender figure. She is tall for an Elothean. A cushion-cut white diamond rests on her forehead, just above her eyes. She appears to be an adult. Her left wrist has a tattoo of three full moons rising above the horizon at sunset against a field of faint stars.

Onara is the daughter of Nyghtrose, a Moon Mage who has walked the starry road. She has a sister Izzybella, an Empath.

In the past she has been a member of the Order of the White Rose. She was formerly married to Stritan and Mahone. She has lived in Shard, Crossings, and Ratha throughout her life.

Currently she is residing in Crossings and working on her advancement as a Moon Mage.