Old Lata'arna Keep

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Currently the main bank of Muspar'i:

The featureless dull white walls of the old Lata'arna Keep now serve to protect the local bank, providing a solid defense for the city's considerable fortunes. Screened by a line of palm trees, the walls are unbroken except for arrow slits and the sturdy wooden gate opening into this plaza.

Within the Bank are a standard Deposit and Exchange window. On the 2nd floor is an Estate Holder-only bank.

Also found in the Estate Holder area are free refreshments:

[Old Lata'arna Keep, Sitting Room]
A line of several comfortable looking armchairs, broken only by the occasional wooden table bearing refreshments, has been left under the eaves at the edge of the great keep's roof. The provided luxuries coupled with the breezes that pass in and out of the building from under the roof's edge transform the room into a cool retreat to wile away the hours safe from the scorching heat found outside.
Obvious exits: north, east.

On the wooden table
Item Price Done
crystal dish filled with snow pears poached in a delicate sweet white wine sauce 0   
silver bowl filled with crisp sugared almonds lightly dusted with cinnamon 0   
crystal decanter of cool water 0   
zhvash juice 0   
cauldron of mulled wine 0