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Oira Fellgrace
Status Active
Race Halfling
Gender Female
Guild undisclosed
Instance Prime

Oira is a cute (by admission) and eccentric (by opinion) Olvi who haunts the Crossing, looking for random fun and the next shiny thing (or person) to catch her attention. This is alternated with bouts of extreme isolation; she can go years without an appearance if so inclined.

Fickle in her interests, Oira may drop or switch faiths, friendships, professions and allegiances at the drop of a hat. She does like hats, and doesn't much like commitments. However, she has advanced to Apprentice level once before (as a Warrior Mage), and hopes to push well past that in her current career.

If the shinies don't get to her first.


You see Lucky Oira Fellgrace, a Halfling.
She has a round face, tilted red eyes and a button nose. Her strawberry hair is shoulder length and curly, and is worn arranged in pigtails. She has rosy skin and a plump figure.
She is short for a Halfling.

She is wearing a polished steel locket, a red velvet shawl banded with a thin golden ribbon, a frilly white pinafore with the word "GUILTY" painted in red on the front, a pink puff-sleeved frock of layered chiffon splotched with odd reddish stains, a silk-lined flower basket woven from pale reeds, a simple belt knife, a berry-stained broadcloth sack and a soft pink sheath.


Oira Skyfallen

Oira Skyfallen was a Halfling Bard.

Her friends Keio and Andrukh (Rukh) formed a band with her, the Naughty Pomegranate. The few songs in their repertoire have since been lost, or conveniently forgotten.

Keio and Rukh were lovers, and Oira had fun teasing, ogling and making them laugh (sometimes all at once).

They led a leisurely life and generally cared little about anything besides one another. Keio and Rukh eventually withdrew from the world entirely, leaving Oira behind.

It is unclear whether they died or abandoned her. Either way, their departure changed her greatly, as she seemed to blame herself in some way for their departure. She became increasingly imbalanced and asocial, holding conversations with herself to stave off loneliness.

Eventually, that 'other self' became Reva.

Reva Skyfallen

Reva walks the realms in Oira's body, or so she would like you to believe.

Dark-haired and red-eyed, Reva is the bad girl that Oira either vehemently claims she isn't, or obsessively wishes she could be.

Reva is a killer, a sorceress, a criminal, a liar, a cheater, a [insert expletive here] and generally of poor moral character. She has fun doing it and is unhindered by conscience, motivated solely by how much an action entertains and pleases her.

Reva does have a good side, if only for her 'sister'. She keeps Oira from spiraling into insanity by tempering her mad urges with a good dose of street smarts, tough love and common sense.

The amount of Reva's influence can be seen in Oira's appearance. She may have her hair darkened black, acquire a red tint in one or both eyes, wear black or death-themed clothing, worship dark aspects of the Thirteen, hide her appearance under a hood, or simply disappear from the public eye altogether.

Oira rarely, if ever, refers to Reva by name. She did once change her name to 'Oireva', but it was short-lived.

Oira Rae'Savrin

Oira took on the name Rae'Savrin for kicks, and because she idolized Savrin Kaerna (or at least, her inn menu).

Oira could never really settle on a single profession. She tried her hand multiple times at being a Commoner, a Cleric, a Trader, a Warrior Mage and a Thief. The other guilds held less interest to her, but she figured she'd get to them eventually.

To satisfy her urge for impulse shopping, Oira found ways to acquire coin through rich friends and contacts. She shops a lot, but rarely for high quality, high cost items, and more for fun, weird and unusual trinkets. Especially if they're cheap, though she might pay a lot for something truly unique.

Oira Rae'Savrin made some Olvi friends, rare for her even on good days. Their names are Meara and Zakkarias. She became uncommonly fond of them, but has not seen either in many years. She keeps her memory of them in the same place Keio and Rukhy went.

Oira Fellgrace

Ditching her surname and profession in a fit of boredom, Oira took on the name Fellgrace and renewed her interest in all things magic. She hopes to master every spell she can get her hands on and learn how to craft magical devices. Maybe even make some minions friends.


              Name: Oira Fellgrace
              Race: Halfling                Spouse: Uninterested
       Citizenship: Nowhere
Preferred Location: Dirge
   Roleplay Stance: Medium
        PvP Stance: Guarded
               URL: http://elanthipedia.org/w/index.php/Oira
                IM: AIM:  OiraSkyfallen
             Quote: "I'm sorry... I didn't mean it. I'll be good. I'm gonna kill you... I'm gonna blow your head off like raspberry jam!"

Oira is rumored to have an actual jar of raspberry jam in her possession. Approach with caution.


Oira dresses in a childlike manner, typically in a dress and apron fitted for a Human girl. She loves pink, frills, flowers, toys, cute animals, sweets, skulls and pointy things. Her style is somewhere between tooth-achingly sweet and unnervingly macabre. Many of her possessions are covered in reddish stains she doesn't care to identify.


At any time Oira may collect:

  • Anything pink
  • Desserts
  • Dolls and toys
  • Hats
  • Item hiders
  • Magical devices
  • Musical instruments
  • Parasols/Umbrellas
  • Preserved flowers
  • Verby items
  • Weird substances

She adores wax labels and will write on whatever she can get 'em to stick on.

Signature Clothing

Accept no substitutes! These pieces of clothing are a sure sign you're looking at the one and only Oira. They were designed for her during the dark times after losing Keio and Rukh. Now she just lets people interpret for themselves what she's guilty about. It's more fun that way.

TAP: a pink puff-sleeved frock of layered chiffon splotched with odd reddish stains.

LOOK: This gauzy frock of pale pink chiffon has a gathered bodice with a high ruffled neckline and short puffed sleeves. Layered triangular sections of chiffon form its fanciful skirt, resembling a multitude of pink petals sprouting from waist to below knee level. Odd reddish splotches staining the delicate cloth could either be blood or berry juice, depending on the viewer's imagination.

TAP: a frilly white pinafore with the word "GUILTY" painted in red on the front.

LOOK: Made to be worn over a child's dress, this cotton batiste pinafore is backless and ties around the waist. The front is square-necked and sleeveless with ruffled lace trimming, and the word it bears has been painted in bold letters with a mysterious red liquid.


Oira is aware of and generally pays homage to the Thirteen. She has changed faiths many times, usually choosing a single aspect to focus on at a time.

She has at some point worshipped aspects of Damaris (for her penchant for dabbling in things best done in shadows), Faenella (a nod to her old band and history with the Bard guild), Glythtide (a result of gradually absorbing Olvi culture, and because Glythtide is fun), Meraud (in honor of her fascination with magic experimentation) and Tamsine (because cats are cute and spiders are cuter).

Not one for conformity, she may change the object of her worship simply on a whim, or because it suits her current interests better. For example: Oira Rae'Savrin once spent time as a Cleric worshipping Saemaus, hoping to specialize in bonding ceremonies (and parties!). Now, Oira Fellgrace is a mage devoted to Be'ort, the mad god of bitter partings, and carries a Be'ort tear rose wrought in cambrinth.