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Status: Dead
Guild: Commoner
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Relatives: Mathazar

Son of Mathazar, who's death in 2008 triggered his father to invade the Crossing with a variety of beasts.


You see Farm Boy Ocronis Delmit, a Human, Commoner
Ocronis has sparkling blue eyes, a strong jaw line and a youthful smile. Long auburn hair hangs unkept over his broad shoulders. He has a muscular body and slightly sunburned skin.
He is a spirited teenager.

He is wearing a weapons hook with a light throwing axe and a light throwing axe hanging from it, an embossed leather sheath, a broad-rimmed straw hat with a dark leather band, a worn shirt with a torn pocket, a red and white checked cotton handkerchief, a pair of suspenders, a pair of dirty farm boots, a branch-framed canvas backpack, some faded pants and a branded leather gem pouch with braided stringties.