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Paladins' Guild, The Great Chamber] Tapestries and flickering torches line the walls of the circular meeting room. Eight sets of silverwood benches, arranged in ascending rows, face a central speaker's podium. The topmost row, a full three Tog-lengths above the main floor, sits at eye level with a large chandelier that hangs from the ceiling. You also see some brass-bound ironwood doors and a winding ironwood staircase. Also in the room: Sentry Ahlla, Squire Palorn, Guild Researcher Oane, and Drehyk. Obvious exits: none.

You see Guild Researcher Oane Hannitraulm, a Human Paladin. He has black eyes. He is bald, with pale skin. He is aged for a Human. He has a thick bushy mustache that droops heavily on his upper lip and a long shaggy beard. He is in good shape.

He is wearing an ink-stained leather scholar's satchel, some brass-riveted jousting plate, a blue linen tabard dyed with the bright green emblem of the lion of Chadatru, a pair of burgundy leather boots lined in soft black wool, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a kyanite gwethdesuan and a black linen bag.

Oane steps up to the podium and smiles. "Hello again!" he says. "I see some familiar faces in the crowd and I m very happy to see some of you again."

Oane places a well worn book with loose papers on the podium.

Ahlla sits down on the silverwood bench.

Oane says, "My name is Oane and I head up the research and archiving department of the Paladin Guild. The Paladin Council mandates my job and responsibilities."

Oane says, "Welcome to the third and last lecture in the History of the Paladin Guild Lecture Series. Tonight's lecture is entitled "Unsolved Mysteries!""

Oane says, "Let's start the lecture off with something that probably should have belonged in one of my books."

Oane opens the worn book on the podium and says, "For those of you that have been attending my lectures, it is important to realize that an organized group of paladins is not a newer type of concept since the inception of the paladin council."

Oane says, "What is new is a successful guild that has endured the recent centuries through stable guildhalls, strong guildleaders, dedicated council, and diligent members."

Oane smiles.

Oane steps away from the podium and raises his hands in front of him stating, "There are documents and artifacts supporting the existence of paladins so far back that we aren't even sure how old the stories are."

Oane asks, "But who were these paladins back then? What were their ideals and motivations?"

Raising his hands back down, he steps back to the podium and fiddles with his beard.

Oane says, "Without some sort of time traveling magic, we will never be able to answer that. But one thing we know is that they were deeply religious. "

Oane grins like a child with a lollipop and exclaims, "Which brings me to today's first unsolved mystery!"

Oane says, ""Where are the Temples of Rutilor?""

Oane raises an eyebrow.

Oane says, "Let me first explain what these temples were."

Oane clears his throat and steps away from the podium again. "Paladins built these temples as if commissioned by Rutilor himself. This "commission" so to speak was a ritual, tradition, or enlightening experience called, "The Task of the Mongoose."

Oane says, "As I understand it..."

Oane says, "During a certain time of a certain year, some paladins would receive a vision or a mark from the Mongoose. These particular paladins would gather and spend a certain amount of days working on building a temple stone by stone with little to no outside assistance. "

Oane says, "I suspect there were some clergy members involved for blessings, but it was never noted. "

Waving his hands in a dismissive manner, he then says, "When the temple was finally built, it was used as a safehaven for other paladins to worship and congregate."

Oane says, "Then, at some point, the "Task" would begin anew and another marker given to build a new temple."

Oane raises his eyebrow and gives you a sideways glance.

Oane says, "Accounts have noted that some, if not all, of these temples were tall like a tower."

Oane asks, "So then... where are these temples located?"

Oane asks, "If there were towers built, how is it that not a single one remained?"

Oane asks, "Have they just gone to ruin and the stones in the foundation were stolen, eroded, or covered by other environments such as water or forest?"

Oane asks, "Is it even possible that these temples never really existed?"

Oane says, "My opinionated answers..."

Oane says, "They are scattered around Elanthia."

Oane says, "Yes."

Oane snickers.

Oane says, "No, I believe they did exist."

Oane pants.

Oane says, "I try to follow every lead possible and I m hopeful that we'll find something."

Oane flips through his worn book till he reaches a leather bookmark. As he flips open the book to the designated page, he says, "Today's next unsolved mystery follows a bit more from my first lecture."

Oane asks, "Who was behind the dark actions around the end of the first generation council?"

Oane says, "This has been a taboo subject within the paladin council for as long as I've ever known: corruption and murder at the highest level. I do not believe that the council wanted to keep everyone in the dark. I think it was just another shameful slap of mud in our otherwise, proud and honorable guild's face. "

Oane leans forward on the podium and lowers his voice, "But the reality is, it happened."

Oane says, "This particular section I'm going to cover may be a little bit confusing so I will first provide a timeline of events with my comments and then I'll tie it all in."

Oane says, "In my first lecture, I had made a little comment about murder."

Oane nods.

Oane says, "In 64 AV, Medern, one of the original councilors and also the first guildleader of Theren was found brutally murdered."

Oane says, "In 64 AV, Medern, one of the original councilors and also the first guildleader of Theren was found brutally murdered."

Oane says, "Also in 64 AV, relics and other artifacts went missing from the council vaults and libraries."

Oane tugs at his beard and says, "Jumping forward fourteen years, in 79 AV, investigations regarding the theft led the council to one of their own."

Oane says, "Also during that year, the first impeachment of a councilor occurred, and the half completed Theren guildhall is burned to the ground."

Oane shakes his head and mutters, "Those were truly dark days."

Oane says, "Now going back over the timeline, let me fill in a gap or two. To this day, Councilor Medern s killer was never officially discovered."

Oane says, "Ex Councilor Kraphae was found guilty of council artifact thievery and was impeached."

Oane says, "Conveniently, the guildhall was burned. The perpetrator was never found."

Oane says, "Why did I put murder, thievery, and arson together? The obvious answer is that it has been widely suspected that Kraphae was involved in all three."

Oane asks, "But did he do it?"

Oane says, "We know he stole from the guild."

Oane asks, "But could he have actually have murdered or contracted someone to murder Medern? And why?"

Oane says, "Let me provide some information about this man."

Oane says, "He was a second generation councilor and held in extremely high esteem. How he managed to dupe his way into the council or even remain a paladin is also a mystery."

Oane says, "As a councilor, Kraphae attempted to make changes to how things were run and somehow gained a dictator attitude even though all councilors are equal."

Oane says, "In addition, he passed off other people's ideas as if they were his own such as the Paladin Code."

Oane says, "Sorry, Medern, not Kraphae. I'm getting my councilors confused."

Oane ducks his head.

Oane says, "Let s face it. He was shady and ambitious."

Oane says, "It obviously made him a thief."

Oane says, "But a murderer or arsonist?" He then squints his eyes and purses his lips.

Oane nods.

Oane shrugs.

Oane asks, "All suspicion points to him. However, no evidence does. There was not a single shred of evidence linking Kraphae with the murder or the fire. But why would he do this? What motive would any paladin have to do such destructive and vile things?"

Oane says, "The council will tend to believe the most simplest of answers: Medern found out about Kraphae which brought about his death. Then Kraphae burned down the guildhall due to his removal."

Oane says, "It s a clean cut answer."

Oane asks, "And why did he steal to begin with?"

Oane says, "One journal from a councilor of the time made comments that Kraphae was maniacally insane after he joined the ranks of the council."

Oane says, "Official comments about Kraphae's removal simply indicates his treachery and lack of paladin virtues."

Oane says, "I am afraid this particular mystery will probably never reveal itself."

Oane turns some pages of his worn book and claps his hands, The next mystery today is "Who hid Emille s body and why?"

Oane exclaims, "Some of you had to have known I'd cover my current favorite subject!"

Oane winks.

Oane exclaims, "Emille the Fist of Forfedhar!"

Oane says, "As some of you may know, I assisted Asilias with the excavation of her tomb over the past year. There are so many mysteries surrounding this guildhall, tomb, and woman that I don t even know where to begin. We actually now know quite a bit about Emille."

Oane says, "She may be the one of the few from the old council days that we have the most information on, even more so now than ever."

Oane says, "For those of you that attended my first lecture will hopefully remember that Emille was not covered there. She is, in fact, not an original council member even though she sat with the first council. In a strange way, she was the first second generation council member."

Oane says, "Emille was a follower of Syal, the man who created the original council. She left her homeland to seek Syal out and learn from him. She played a major role with the creation of a council system and became an official member in 35 AV."

Oane says, "However, her time in the council was short, as she decided to head up the first Forfedhar guildhall ten years later."

Oane says, "It is believed that the Forfedhar guildhall was built by her father, an architect of repute. However, it is unclear what happened to either of them."

Oane says, "For these past centuries, it was believed that they both just passed on naturally. Based on the structure of the false tomb, we also believe it was built by her father which means he outlived her."

Oane says, "But let's talk reality for a moment."

Oane asks, "We don't know who tunneled out the burial chamber and we don't know why. Why was it so important to place the body of Emille in a hidden area?"

Oane says, "When we found the area, there were some items that indicated that someone who loved Emille very much placed her in that area."

Oane says, "Possible theories include it was believed that the spirit of Emille would protect the secrets of the burial chamber, and another that there was a fear of her being graverobbed. Regardless, we are thankful that she was hidden away."

Oane says, "We have gained so much from this discovery."

Oane says, "There are so many more mysteries that I would like to share with you, but there's just not enough time for this particular session. But perhaps another time I can cover the mystery of the Wilted Lady and the Hounds of Rutilor."

Oane exclaims, "And that's the end of my lecture series!"

Oane bows.

Oane says, "I'm hoping to write up a sequel to the series though so I hope to see you all there."

Oane asks, "Does anyone have any questions?"

Anthetir raises his hand.

Oane nods to Anthetir.

Anthetir asks, "First off, do we know where the original Theren guild was located?"

Oane says, "If it was burned to the ground, we believe it was not attached to the keep. Therefore, somewhere in the city walls."

Anthetir asks, "And did they have soulstones in those days? Couldn't Krapahae have been revealed for what he was with one of those, or trying to go through an arch?"

Anthetir asks, "But no more specific location is mentioned?"

Oane shakes his head at Anthetir.

Oane says, "As for soulstones. They did exist, yes."

Oane asks, "But how many murderers have you seen still walk through an arch these days?"

Oane says, "I'm sure it was no different."

Oane says, "Now, how the investigations led to him, I don't know."

Oane asks, "Other questions?"

Oane smiles.

Oane says, "I'd like to thank you again for coming tonight."

Oane bows.

Oane holds hands with Palorn.

Anthetir says, "Excuse me, Master Researcher..."

Oane nods to Anthetir.

Anthetir says, "One last quick one."

Oane smiles.

Oane exclaims, "Certainly!"

Anthetir asks, "Do you know what is depicted on the prayer mat in Emilie's chamber?"

Palorn carefully rolls up her standard, running her hands gently over the material of the standard.

Oane asks, "Depicted?"

Anthetir asks, "Is that the Fist herself?"

Anthetir nods.

Anthetir says, "There was a pale woman standing among a battlefield."

Anthetir says, "The only survivor."

Oane asks, "You mean the pictures in the Memorial of Champions?"

Oane ponders.

Anthetir says, "I saw a faded black prayer mat in the room with the mobile."

Oane asks, "Behind the broken wall shield?"

Anthetir nods.

Oane says, "No, there is no mat there."

Oane says, "If there is a mat there, sounds like someone left it behind."

Oane laughs at Anthetir.

Anthetir says, "I guess I was mistaken then, my apologies."

Oane says, "There is a picture of Emille in the Memorial of Champions though."

Oane smiles.

Oane bows.

Oane asks, "Ready Palorn?"

Oane says, "It's a long walk home."