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Paladins' Guild, The Great Chamber]

Tapestries and flickering torches line the walls of the circular meeting room. Eight sets of silverwood benches, arranged in ascending rows, face a central speaker's podium. The topmost row, a full three Tog-lengths above the main floor, sits at eye level with a large chandelier that hangs from the ceiling. You also see a winding ironwood staircase and some brass-bound ironwood doors. Also in the room: Squire Palorn, Guild Researcher Oane, Tristtan who is sitting, Dame Eleftheria who is sitting, and Sir Naelidaan who is sitting. Obvious exits: none.

Oane steps up to the podium and smiles. "Hello everyone," he says.

Oane places some papers on the podium and looks up, "Welcome to the second of my lecture series. For those of you who attended my first lecture, welcome back.

Oane says, "If you are joining us for the first time, then I would like to apologize if I name people that you may not be familiar with. I will do a tiny recap on notable people from paladin history but I will not be able to linger on who they are."

Oane twirls part of his beard between his fingers and steps away from the podium and says, "My name is Oane Hannitraulm and I head the research and archiving department of the Paladin Guild. The Paladin Council mandates my job and responsibilities."

Oane says, "Tonight's lecture is the second in the History of the Paladin Guild Lecture Series entitled "Artifacts in Existence and Legend.""

Oane's eyes sparkle as he grabs the podium with both hands and looks down at the papers.

Oane says, "It's important to realize that the recent dig in Forfedhar has provided many new discoveries for paladin history and academics. Therefore, much of tonight will have some focus in that direction."

Oane says, "I'd like to start off the evening with something new and exciting for me personally."

Oane says, "The icon found with Emille the Fist of Forfedhar."

Oane lectures, "For those of you that are not familiar with Emille, she was the first paladin guildleader of Forfedhar. "

Oane says, "She was so beloved that people felt there was a need to hide her body away from the public while a faux tomb was put as a front. We have not yet determined why this was done, but I digress from my lecture..."

Oane says, "When Asilias and I found Emille's true tomb, there were objects and items in there that I cannot begin to tell you about. Of course, some of these items are not yet privy to guild knowledge at this time."

Oane says, "As much as I wish I could have brought the icon today, the council strictly forbade me as investigations are still going on. We are lucky that we even have the knowledge we do about icons in general. However, we were not prepared for this icon. "

Oane says, "We do not know if this may have been one of the first icons made or one of the last given. Our knowledge of the history of icons is still extremely limited so we can only speculate. All we know is that this object has more power than we concluded. "

Oane smiles.

Oane says, "For those of you who might be interested in what the icon looks like, it is made of ash and unlike anything I have seen before."

Oane moves raises his hands in front of him to elaborate his description, "It is a triple headed icon representing all the aspects of Chadatru. Each aspect had something on it: the lion had a gold crown on its head, the mongoose had a platinum halo upon its head, and the goshawk had a bronze collar."

Oane says, "Maybe one day we can show it at a future lecture."

Oane says, "Let me take a moment to pull from the council archives."

Oane rifles through his papers and then glances up with a large smile.

Oane says, "There is a weapon that the council has in their possession."

Oane says, "No one knows where it came from but we know it was handed down the generations of a certain well-known family. The family had passed it on the council for safe keeping about 30 some years ago."

Oane says, "Like Emille's icon, there was no way I could bring it with me today due to the power it holds for a paladin. We are not even sure what would happen if it were in the hands of someone who was not a paladin."

Oane says, "But for a paladin, it holds the power to keep the paladin's soul safely intact with no repercussions for which it is used... namely first attack or murder."

Oane puts a shoulder on the podium and says, "It's been called the Longsword of Unrepent."

Oane's eyes sparkle as he continues, "You can see why the council would never allow such a weapon to be in the public reach."

Oane says, "It does have an interesting history before it finally reached the council vaults."

Oane says, "While in the possession of the family who has held onto the weapon for so many years, we were told that it was stolen multiple times by smugglers and paladins of ill repute. But somehow, the longsword ended up back with the family."

Oane says, "We are not sure if the family retrieved the longsword each time or if someone else helped in some way. The information was not relayed. But the family always made sure it was hidden in a new place."

Oane says, "Finally, a generation ago, the paladin who cared for the weapon felt it was best to be in the council's hands. And there it has been ever since."

Oane smiles and starts to flip through his papers again before settling on one.

Oane says, "Now, let's talk legend for a moment. Hopefully many, or at least some, of you have read my book, "Faith and Soul.""

Oane says, "If it's not obvious, I'll say it now. I love hearing about legends and stories about things, people and places that may or may not have existed in history."

Oane raises his hand and smirks, "Not just because I enjoy the challenge of rebuking or proving any of these stories but rather because it shows that our guild continues to flourish even through word of mouth or scribblings here and there."

Oane lowers his hand and digs back through his papers. "The next object I will talk about is by far legend all the way."

Oane says, "I cannot even confirm that it even might have been a real object or just the musings of someone's creative mind."

Oane looks up from his paper digging and says, "The Soulstone of Valor."

Oane lectures, "Now, before you ooh and ahh as I tend to do with legends, I can't help but wonder what this item really is. The obvious is that it is a soulstone, yes."

Oane says, "But what would make a soulstone so special to be considered a unique artifact."

Oane lectures, "Perhaps the stone itself was the first soulstone ever to be found?"

Oane lectures, "Or maybe it was an awkwardly shaped or larger soulstone that was like a circus attraction."

Oane lectures, "We know that soulstones only measure our own souls. Therefore, again, what could make a soulstone so special that it is or was "of valor."

Oane says, "Let me relay to you what I know."

Oane lectures, "Many years ago I was in the council libraries looking for information and I came across a partially broken clay tablet."

Oane lectures, "The writing was slightly smudged, but I could still read it. The following was written on the tablet:"

Oane chants:

"Half again as wide as norm And nearly twice as long Formed in shape of gauntlet fist Sense of right and wrong Mesmerizing, swirl on white Speaker for the soul"

Oane chants:

"Honor, Courage, Bravery! Goodness is our goal Set on stone Housed in bone All darkness hide in shame Born of might Side of right Valor is my name"

Oane says, "As with anything that I have no information on, should you ever find something, seek me out. This particular item has piqued my interest."

Oane inhales and coughs to the side of the podium clearing his throat.

Palorn glances at Oane with concern.

Oane asks, "I need a quick break to drink something. Could someone please bring me a glass of water or something to wet my throat?"

Tristtan stands up.

Tristtan went through some brass-bound ironwood doors.

Oane clears his throat.

Tristtan came through some brass-bound ironwood doors.

Oane says, "I always forget to bring water with me."

Tristtan offers Oane a glass of jasmine iced tea.

Oane accepts Tristtan's jasmine iced tea.

Oane beams at Tristtan!

Oane exclaims, "My thanks!"

Oane takes a sip of his tea.

Tristtan says, "better than grog i hope..."

Oane smiles and looks at the papers on his podium. He turns one of the pages over and looks back up.

Oane says, "And now back to the Forfedhar guild..."

Oane says, "For those of you that have visited this guildhall, you may have seen the Chapel of the Last Hope."

Oane lifts his hands up and waves them around in a distracting manner as he says, "It's a rather clean room don't you think?"

Oane says, "What many people do not know is there were a few items in there when Asilias and I visited."

Oane says, "There were some bedrolls and clay pots."

Oane raises an eyebrow.

Oane asks, "What could that mean?"

Oane puts his hands down to his papers and smirks, "I have a theory of course."

Oane says, "Let me read about the Fete of Banishment from my own book, "Faith and Soul.""

Oane clears his throat.

Oane lectures, ""The notes on the chapel site show that it was privately held, and that some well known guild members attended and even organized the event.""

Oane lectures, ""The event lasted for one week in which the Paladins fasted and prayed. The squires of these Paladins guarded the chapel, fetched fresh water, and delivered clothing each day for their mentors.""

Oane says, "Now, whether or not the Chapel of the Last Hope was used for this reason, I don't really know."

Oane asks, "Could the bedrolls and clay pots have belonged to some historic adventurer who needed a place of shelter? Sure. But why inside a building that is inside a guildhall?"

Oane raises a single eyebrow in contemplation.

Oane says, "The clay pots may have had water in them, but they definitely had wine at some point."

Oane says, "There were four bedrolls that we had found, two of which were rolled up."

Oane rifles through his papers before settling on a page.

Oane says, "Let's talk about another item of legend and revisit Emille the Fist."

Oane lectures, "For any of you who have visited her guildhall, you may see a few themes. One theme we found referenced is Emille's weapon of choice: a war hammer. However, we never found a war hammer in her tomb."

Oane lectures, "There's no documented information about Emille's armor or her weapons; however, we did find what we believe to be several sets of her armor buried with her in her tomb."

Oane says, "But no weapons and definitely no war hammer. It's possible she didn't have a special one that she used and perhaps she did not prejudice against any war hammer as long as it got the job done."

Oane lectures, "So why did I lump this particular object in with tonight's lecture?"

Oane grins and leans forward on the podium, "Simply due to other documents that refer to something called "Emille's Fist."

Oane lectures, "This could be a typo; a grammatical error that someone made."

Oane lectures, "We do know that Emille's knickname was "The Fist." But the typo or three that I found made it seem like it was more than just a knickname. The first typo was found in a letter:"

Oane chants:

"As I watched from afar, I could see her with the sun shining on her face. Emille's Fist made the undead quiver in their eternal disgrace."

Oane raises an eyebrow and says, "Did this writer mean to say "Emille the Fist made the undead quiver in their eternal disgrace"?

Oane shrugs.

Oane asks, "Either could apply. But what about this particular typo found in a log of a council session?"

Oane chants:

"Csilla: We have finally received reports of her success. The baron's messenger relayed that Emille's Fist has crushed the front line of the enemy."

Oane raises his other eyebrow and says, "Again, is this Emille the Fist herself or the reference to Emille's weapon?

Oane says, "Even with today's colloquism, we might say that our swordarm or our sword has sliced through the enemy's defenses."

Oane says, "This last reference was said differently but it could be read as literally Emille's fist as in... her hand."

Oane chants:

"When I told her about the state of the last battle, She looked at me as if she were ready to pummel me with her steel fist. I promised that I would never let her down again."

Oane says, "That excerpt is from a journal that was donated to the council by the Lorefist family."

Oane lectures, "Was it literally her gauntleted fist or was it the steel cap of a weapon?"

Oane exclaims, "It's also possible that I'm looking for a mystery and one does not exist. But that is for you to decide. And should you find any information through rumors or stories, I hope that you will relay it to me. No tidbit is too small for me!" Oane steps away from the podium and bows. "That is all for this lecture. I hope that you enjoyed it. I also hope to do a part two of this particular lecture as five items is not nearly enough to cover.

Oane says, "Thank you. I'd like to open the floor to you for any questions you may have."

Tristtan raises his hand.

Oane nods to Tristtan.

Tristtan asks, "The capitalization in "Emille's Fist,” was that your interpretation or the manner in which it was written?"

Tristtan says, "would seem to clearly indicate a proper noun"

Oane says, "Taken directly from the papers."

Tristtan nods.

Oane says, "This is why it's so confusing."

Tristtan says, "then refers to an item i would think"

Tristtan says, "I refer to my fist, not my Fist"

Tristtan smiles.

Oane nods to Tristtan.

Oane says, "I agree."

Tristtan says, "ill get the shovels"

Tristtan chuckles.

Oane says, "Trust me, I'm hoping and praying it's a weapon and that we will locate it."

Tristtan nods to Oane.

Tristtan says, "thank you"

Oane says, "But there was definitely none buried with her."

Oane asks, "Other questions?"

You raise your hand.

Oane nods to you.

You ask, "Mayhaps the phrase refers to a group or unit she led into battle?"

Tristtan nods to you.

Oane says, "Also possible, certainly."

Oane says, "Though I hope not."

Oane winks.

You grin.

Tristtan grins.

Oane says, "Could even be all of the above."

You say, "Aye, am fond of hammers myself"

Anthetir says, "Not so much a question as on observation."

Oane says, "I love hearing those too."

Oane grins at Anthetir.

Anthetir says, "I wonder if it could be related to the Fist of Chadatru war hammer that a certain sect of the god of justice carries."

Anthetir says, "I believe one of them was found and auctioned off several years ago."

Tristtan ponders.

Anthetir says, "The owner is able to invoke Chadatru and receive blessings upon the weapon. And the head is shaped like a fist."

Oane says, "I've heard of that war hammer."

Oane says, "But as far as I know, that hammer looked new and perfect."

Tristtan says, "artifacts at auctions, sounds perfectly plausible with traders these days"

Tristtan grins.

You chuckle.

Oane asks, "Unless Emille never used her weapon, if it was a weapon, wouldn't it be more battered looking?"

Oane says, "But then you never know."

Oane asks, "Anyone else?"

Oane says, "One more lecture to go."

Oane smiles.

Anthetir raises his hand.

Anthetir blushes a bright red color.

Oane nods.

Oane nods to Anthetir.

Anthetir says, "It has more to do with the last lecture..."

Oane nods.

Anthetir says, "But when I went home I went to the keep archives to research the life of Medern a bit more."

Anthetir asks, "I couldn't find much. Is there anything you have found in your studies?"

Oane says, "We do have more information on him, yes."

Oane says, "I am hoping to do another book on these councilors as well."

Oane says, "A more thorough biography than my lecture."

Tristtan nods.

Oane says, "There's lots more to share and I'm very happy that the council has finally allowed some of this information to be shared."

Anthetir asks, "He was the one who was murdered, yes?"

Oane nods to Anthetir.