Nytingale's Instruments (9)

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Nytingale's Instruments
Event Shard Festival 1
Owner Nytingale
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Music shops, Clothing shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Nytingale's Instruments, Showroom]
The traveling caravan is well-stocked with supplies for the most discriminating music lover. Pegs line the walls, holding tools and completed items , while a half-finished lyre is held in place by clamps on a workbench near the door. A shifting bead curtain covers the back wall of the room, and a shallow nook lies half-hidden behind the open caravan door.
You also see a hanging sign, a wicker basket, a peg-board with some stuff on it, a wooden counter with some stuff on it and a battered folding table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: out.

Nytingale al'Danae, Lutier

Before you buy, some information about my merchandise.
All sales are final, so best to know before you spend your coin.

For beginners, the instruments on the table are simple, yet
with an elegant tone which carries well. More advanced
students will appreciate the quality of the instruments on
the counter. And for the true artist, I have a few very special
instruments in the nook, crafted with the utmost care and
precision. Although few in number, the quality of those
instruments is exceptional.

Jackets are not pocketed, however they are cut loosely,
and may be worn over armor.

The shagreen instrument cases are of medium size, and
will hold a lute or mandolin easily. The leather long pouches
are of a size to hold a flute or whistle or anything about that
big that you care to put in. The drum pouch is just what it
sounds like - of a good size to hold a bodhran or tambourine.
Temple drums are much deeper than a bodhran, and won't
fit in a drum pouch.

Instruments are sold as is, and will not be altered by
me - removing the inlay would weaken the instrument,
and carving just plain can't be undone. 

In the wicker basket
Item Price Done
temple drum skin 208   No
On the peg-board
Item Price Done
drum stick 180   
long leather pouch cinched with a silver ram's head on a rawhide thong 631   
deep-blue leather drum pouch painted with tiny singing wrens 541   
deep blue woolen jacket fastened with carved rowan buttons bearing an embroidered Bards' Guild badge on one sleeve 1,804   
shagreen instrument case embossed with the golden emblem of the Bards' Guild 1,623   
On the wooden counter
Item Price Done
brushed silver flute etched with a band of golden nightingales 21,648   
graceful rosewood lute inlaid with pale blue moonstone sirese blossoms 7,216   No
black ironwood bodhran with marqueterie cherry and lunat diamonds 6,494   No
polished copperleaf fiddle inlaid with a thin wreath of malachite leaves 36,080   No
laquered red mandolin with a golden sunburst painted about the sound hole 7,216   No
elegant ivory recorder inlaid with a band of golden butterflies 28,864   
bronze temple drum 4,329   
polished ox horn with an etched brass tip 2,886   No
graceful ash cittern inlaid with an ebony compass rose 6,494   
cherrywood gittern inlaid with gold-banded rings of ivory and jade 43,296   No
On the folding table
Item Price Done
earthenware ocarina shaped like a diving pelican 2,164   No
laquered black lyre painted with graceful dancing cranes 3,608   
silver whistle etched with the crest of the Bardic Guild 2,164   
black ironwood bones inlaid with a gracefully curving band of tiny silver stars 6,494   
delicate crystal fife set with tiny blood-red rubies 14,432   
scarlet gypsy tambourine with fluttering multi-colored ribbons 1,443   

[Nytingale's Instruments, Shallow Nook]
Half hidden behind the door of the caravan, this tiny nook has room for just a single counter. Unlike the profusion of instruments in the main room, only three instruments are on display here, each of exceptional quality.
You also see the main showroom and a worn walnut counter with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the walnut counter
Item Price Done
delicate wyndewood cittern decorated with an intricate cutwork rose 108,240   No
dark boxwood recorder inlaid with gold etched bands of ivory and coral 72,160