Nytingale's Instruments (10)

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Nytingale's Instruments
Event Temple Reopening
Owner Nytingale
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Music shops, Clothing shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Kronars

On the peg-board
Item Price Done
deep blue woolen jacket fastened with carved rowan buttons bearing an embroidered Bards' Guild badge on one sleeve ?   
deep-blue leather drum pouch painted with tiny singing wrens ?   
shagreen instrument case embossed with the golden emblem of the Bards' Guild ?   
long leather pouch cinched with a silver ram's head on a rawhide thong ?   
drum stick ?   
On the wooden counter
Item Price Done
graceful copperleaf faenellica inlaid with a swirling flight of silverwillow wrens ?   
bronze mirliton decorated with twining enamel nightshade blossoms ?   
carved raven-bone syrinx bound with deep blue leather thongs ?   
shallow shaman's drum decorated with fluttering gold-beaded scarlet feathers ?   
polished pearwood rebec decorated with a marqueterie compass rose ?   No
delicate silverwillow lyre embellished with carved mermaids and seashells ?   
On the folding table
Item Price Done
earthenware ocarina shaped like a diving pelican ?   No
laquered black lyre painted with graceful dancing cranes ?   
silver whistle etched with the crest of the Bardic Guild ?   
delicate crystal fife set with tiny blood-red rubies ?   
black ironwood bones inlaid with a gracefully curving band of tiny silver stars ?   
scarlet gypsy tambourine with fluttering multi-colored ribbons ?