Nysilian Mysteries

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Mythical writings of the Nysilian theocrats.

The only known excerpts relate to the Veil of Arnor.

"Then Aoethus lifted his right hand, and it was naught but a flame; and he lifted his left hand, and it was a charred stump. He breathed the words that had been kissed upon his lips by Neenana, and his hands were healed. The Ravens of Fornosti cried out Father, the thief lives! Deep in his waethre, Vaseo contemplated this, and frowned.
"Speak what you would have of me, he cried in a shout all the greater for that it was a loud whisper cast over a landscape of silence. Give me the Veil of Arnor, Aoethus replied as he had been told. No such Veil exists, the whisper continues. Then it will be so, Aoethus said.
"Vaseo summoned his son and daughter, Daeman and Maithe. Though they cried he slit their throats and cast them into the black glass pit; and he cast a pall of darkness over the earth that none may witness his shame.
"Then with mighty oaths and conjurations he summoned the 5 Governors of the Elements and the 36 Lords of the World. Thus the bond was formed, and lightning struck the fabled city that had stood since the dawn of Time, declaring it no more. But the Veil of Arnor was there in its place, clean and smooth, placid as a lake and gray as a pearl plucked from Havaena's brow. This Veil was given by Vaseo to Aeothus. Then Aeothus sought to thank Vaseo, but the latter was no more. Weeping, Aeothus left that place that had ceased to be, and the bane went with him."