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Nyaia Maurynnei
Race Prydaen
Gender Female
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime


You see Nyaia Maurynnei, a Prydaen.
She has pointed ears and cat-slitted jade eyes. Her blue-black mane is very long and straight, and is worn loose. She has blue-grey fur with a grey belly and black stripes and a slender tail. She is in good shape.

She is holding a crab claw in her right hand.
She is wearing some ebony hairsticks inlaid with intricate silver webbing, a notched iron belt knife with deep rivulets along the length of the blade, an amber-scaled hide telescope case, a brown burlap georin grass pouch, a mirrored ring inset with a ruby and onyx symbol of Tezirah, an albredine crystal ring, a flowing crimson silk kimono tied with a long sash, a brown leather scribe's rucksack with a darkened silver clasp, a satin crimson sash embroidered with the symbol of Tezirah, and a web pendant.

About Nyaia

  • Nyaia came into Dragonrealms originally in 2005.
  • She has been married once and outlived her spouse.
  • She is the failed founder of SAPS (Society Against Public Sleeping), the purpose of which was to provide pigtails to open scripters. The movement never caught on.
  • She currently lives in the oak tree three zones south of the dock at the south side of the Segoltha.

Character History

The Early Years
Nyaia was born to quiet pork farmers Wrynne and Fyaralor Maurynnei in an isolated rural area north of Riverhaven. Christened 'Mausriel' at birth, she grew quietly amidst her siblings, gliding under the surface and standing out not at all. Her father, Wrynne was kind to her, and taught her the ways of farming pork, and her mother taught her to hunt, when there was time. Hers was a peaceful and relatively uneventful childhood.

During her 17th summer, she realized that her continued dependence upon her parents, loving as they were, represented an unwarranted burden. Having developed a knack for the creation and decoration of leather crafts, she determined to seek her fortune in town, hopefully apprenticing herself to a leatherworker in the hopes of opening up her own shop one day. Her departure was an occasion for affection and words of caution from her parents, who sent her off with the best of wishes.

A Failed Plan
There's very little to be said about the time spent in Riverhaven; she was not able to secure an apprenticeship, but was occasionally able to sell a piece here and there on the barest of commissions. Unfortunately, hides do not come freely, and she was discovered harvesting a pelt on a piece of land titularly owned by local nobility, resulting in her arrest.

The charges were relatively minor, and she was allowed to leave under the condition that she pay a heavy fine. The fine unfortunately constituted approximately three times what she was able to make in a year of work, and that with taking hides where she could. Her plan was abruptly cut short. Left with no marketable skill, she returned home to seek her mother's advice.

Fyaralor advised her daughter to acquire means of travel south into the town of RiverCrossing, where it was known that a talent with leather was more aptly rewarded. Additionally, putting a river and several miles between herself and a crushing debt might not be a bad idea. Nyaia's sister Pyen was tangentially involved with a regular trading caravan that came through Riverhaven, and was able to arrange passage out of Therengia.

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