Northern Exposure Clothiers (3)

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Northern Exposure Clothiers
Event Spring Promotion 2020
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Northern Exposure Clothiers]
A sales clerk moves from customer to customer within the roughly hewn oak wagon, while another works to replenish the stock displayed on various mannequins. Silver-painted wooden blades hang against crudely tanned furs upon the splintered walls, and a brass spittoon squats silently in one corner near the exit. You also see a brown mannequin, a black mannequin, a green mannequin, a tan mannequin, a grey mannequin, a low wooden counter, a kilt tree and a knife-scarred door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the brown mannequin
Item Price Done
double-horned leather helm with a reinforced iron noseguard 3,125   !!
twisted gold torque tipped with warcat fangs 21,250   
dark bearskin vest with twisted sinew laces 4,750   
heavy gold armband set with precious gems 27,500   
brown leather loincloth laced along the sides 1,562   
wide gold bracers studded with blood-red rubies 26,250   
scuffed leather boots held up with cross-gartered rawhide thongs 3,125   !!
On the black mannequin
Item Price Done
felted black wool tricorne hat 250   
open front-laced white silk shirt 12,250   
wide silk sash finished with a knotted fringe 4,375   
pair of snug black leather leggings 3,125   
scarlet-trimmed black leather bucket boots 3,125   !!
On the green mannequin
Item Price Done
bone-beaded suede thigh sheath 3,750   
pair of soft brown suede boots with turned-back cuffs 3,125   
snug tan suede leggings laced along the outer thigh 3,125   
cross-gartered leather archer's cuff 1,500   
closely fitted hip-length green suede vest belted at the waistband 7,500   
On the tan mannequin
Item Price Done
calf-length black leather boots 3,125   
low-slung pair of billowy white gauze pants gathered close at the ankles 2,000   
wide black silk sash with a turquoise-beaded net fringe 5,000   
sleeveless white muslin robe that flows in soft folds to mid-calf 3,625   
snowy white turban fastened with an eye-shaped turquoise brooch 3,625   
On the grey mannequin
Item Price Done
knee-high leather moccasins 3,125   !!
rabbit fur sporran with a silver-trimmed triangular flap 3,750   
grey and purple plaid greatkilt fastened by a silver ring pin 5,625   
brown leather baldric decorated with silver thistle buckles 7,375   
tarnished silver torque tipped with stylized wildcats 2,750   
On the wooden counter
Item Price Done
scarlet leather loincloth decorated with tufts of raven feathers 1,562   
low-slung black leather loincloth that laces up the side 1,562   
plush brown bearskin loincloth with thong-wrapped warcat teeth fastenings 1,875   
dingy grey cotton loincloth with a rolled waistband 750   
dark blue suede loincloth fastened with a gilded tooth 1,562   
grey-green watersilk loincloth embroidered with seaweed along the sides 8,750   
On the kilt tree
Item Price Done
grey and scarlet plaid greatkilt with a wide leather belt 5,875   
plum and brown plaid greatkilt fastened with an annular brooch 5,250   
black and green plaid greatkilt fastened with rawhide lacing along the hip 5,000   
heathery grey tweed kilt with a scarlet leather belt 6,250   
dark brown and amber plaid kilt fastened by a silver thistle pin 5,625