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Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime


You see Sympath Nobari Dira'ela of Elanthia, a Human Empath.
Nobari has sparkling hazel eyes. Her amber-streaked blonde hair is long and curly, and is worn in a simple, loose style. She has fair skin and a curvaceous figure.
A faceted diamond teardrop rests on her forehead, just above her eyes.
She is fairly young for a Human.
She has a tattoo of an iridescent winged butterfly on her shoulder.

She is wearing an ice blue velvet gown frosted with silvery-white spidersilk, a snow white silk thigh bag with sapphire trim and a crescent moon made from tiny blue crystals, a silver eyebrow ring, a black brocade backpack embroidered with a grinning white snowman, an indigo gem pouch, a delicate ankle bracelet hung with healing herb charms carved from cambrinth, a sparkling heart-shaped diamond pendant, a witch ball, a platinum kyanite gwethdesuan, a gold jadeite gwethdesuan, a heart-shaped locket, an empath's wristlet of filigreed silver covered in gems the color of freshly spilled blood, a snow white brocade corset trimmed with silvery lace, a tattered silk garter buckled with a tarnished silver heart, a dainty platinum engagement ring set with a black diamond marquise, an icy blue satin handbag sprinkled with diminutive clear crystal snowflakes, a pale opal ear cuff decorated with a tiny diamond snowflake, some silvery spidersilk stockings embroidered with dancing snow sprites, some silvery velvet boots with shimmering moonstone clasps, a silver ring bearing the crest of the Empaths' Guild, an ice blue velvet haversack embroidered with swirling silver snowflakes and a shimmering white cloak.

General Information

Nobari can often be found at the Crossing Empath guild.