Nidia's Nightmares (1)

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Nidia's Nightmares
Festival Hollow Eve Festival 396, Hollow Eve Festival 399
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Florist shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Nidia's Nightmares]
Crisp white linen hangs against the walls in a vain attempt to conceal the metal plating behind it. A bright meadow scene tapestry hangs from one wall, and bunches of silk flowers hang from above in an attempt to give the room a garden-like atmosphere. You also see a waist-high cabinet with some stuff on it, a long display of fresh flowers in heavy crystal vases, a whitewashed sign and a narrow archway festooned with dark blossoms.

A whitewashed sign reads:
"Greetings!  On the cabinet there are floral arrangement patterns created just for this occasion.  
We regret that preserved and herbal flowers are too difficult to manipulate to fit into these patterns.  
The vial included with the pattern contains enough preservative to guard your entire piece from time 
and the elements, and to conserve its fragrance for eternity!  Note, though, that only the foremost 
flower you place on the pattern will be visible from afar when the pattern is complete.  
--Nidia Etone"
On the waist-high cabinet
Item Price Done
basic weeper pattern 3,157   No
basic lei pattern 3,157   !!
basic crown pattern 3,157   No
In the long display
Item Price Done
wispy leaf of ghost fern 180   No
silver Elven Tears blossom 180   No
bed of crone's hair moss 180   No
stalk of wispy witchgrass 180   No
spray of white widow's lace 180   No
translucent yellow ghostflower 180   No
grey-tinged white mournbloom 180   No
dark magenta hex lily 180   No