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Race Prydaen
Gender Female
Guild undisclosed
Instance undisclosed


You see Niaura, Student, a Prydaen.
Niaura has an oval face with elegant arched eyebrows, slightly pointed ears, cat-slitted limpid eyes, one crystal blue and one crystal green and a button nose. Her strawberry-streaked blonde mane is shoulder length and straight, and is worn slicked back away from her face. She has creamy white fur with black points and silver rosettes, a slender tail and a svelte figure.
She is a bit over average height for a Prydaen.
She has a lifelike pattern of painted eagle feathers surrounding her eyes.
She is young for a Prydaen.
She has a tattoo of a grinning demon peering down sardonically at a group of hapless warriors on her arm.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a cream-colored helm, some gleaming silver gauntlets, some sparkling white armor, an emblazoned tower shield, a canvas sack, a dragon mouth orchid, a whaleskin duffel bag, a long silver hooded cloak, a black velvet gem pouch with a braided purple silk cord, a suede pouch, a cambrinth ring, a bright silver armband inlaid with cambrinth nightingales in flight, an alabaster white pick, an oilcloth rucksack, a dark grey suede war belt with an interlocking clasp of ivory fangs and a small herb pouch painted with tribal markings.

Niaura was born on the 36th day of the 6th month of Arhat the Fire Lion in the year of the Amber Phoenix, 360 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer. In other words, she was born 3 years after the refugees arrived, making her a second generation Prydaen.


While exhibiting several natural Prydaen traits such as her curious nature, preference to be alone and unrestrained, short attention span, and fondness for things beautiful (she particularly likes white and silver), being born and raised in Zoluren she does not share much of the traditional Prydaen pryde and has always been a poor student at Prydaen culture and history. The fact she never knew her parents in conscious memory has also contributed to her lack of Prydaen values.

One might say she was wild and hyperactive in her late teens, as she encouraged and participated in the twice Elanthian naked runs in celebration of the new year, and held little reservation in demonstrating her lack of singing ability. Now, at age 27, her personality has matured a little, and her interests have shifted away from singing while running around crazily. She has for a while taken up studies in flora and alchemical lore, embroidery, leatherworking, metalworking, and jousting. Her latest interests appears to be in magical lore, and has hired a private tutor to school her in the technical aspects of magic.

She has been accused of belonging to many professions, including Bard, Barbarian, Thief, Ranger, Warrior Mage, Paladin, and even Empath. Some of these accuasations have brought her trouble, but others have brought her with great treats, and she enjoys keeping others in the dark trying to figure out things about her.