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A repository for changes of the Necromancer guild during the DragonRealms 3.1 updates.


  • The zombie can no longer be capped with ~1300 TM. This means that a Necromancer with 1300 TM can no longer summon a level 250 zombie with 2000 ranks in every skill.
  • Bug/weirdness with how creatures with shields and weapons were being affected by DFA spells fixed. Essentially, they were only being allowed to use 60% of their evasion skill against DFA. This could be especially nasty versus holy DFA spells. This has been fixed, so that zombies/creatures are treated more like players against DFA. This means you should see a marked improvement in zombie survivability versus DFA spells.
  • The construct is no longer capped at level 140. Its level is now derived very similarly to that of the zombie, so it should be much more useful to you guys on the high end who were running into the level cap.
  • Zombie and construct defense skills are now modified by the integrity of the spell. More integrity = more defenses. Potency and TM skill determine the overall level, as they did in the past.
  • The summoner can learn from appraising them on a timer, but no one else gets any experience from appraising them.


Worm's Mist

  • It will no longer interfere with either RoC or WORM.
  • Added a REVERSE option that works with the same mechanics as EotB where a cast of sufficient potency will remove the spell from you entirely.

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