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Necimar Demonan
Status Active
Race Elothean
Gender Male
Guild Cleric
Instance Prime

-=[ Description ]=-
You see Merbanal a Vulo Necimar Demonan, an Elothean Cleric. Necimar has an angular face and tilted almond-shaped grey eyes. His silver-streaked black hair is short and fine, and is worn in a simple, loose style. He has translucent skin and a brawny build. He is very tall for an Elothean. He has an eerie illusion of a grinning Elothean skull painted on his face. He appears to be middle-aged. He has a tattoo of a dark-robed priest kneeling before a dusty altar on his back. He is in good shape.

He is holding a large grimoire bound in supple black leather with a silver scorpion clasp in his right hand. He is wearing an anloral scorpion pin, a shoulder-slung tackle box carved with the image of an Elothean fighting a fish, a soft black leather fisherman's tunic with hook and lure straps, a pilgrim's badge, a small gargoyle-hide shield sealed with protective wax, a darkly enameled bronze badge depicting a priest kneeling amidst corpses, a sturdy silver backpack, some nightmare black leathers, a light lumium plate mask crafted from tempered plates, a lumium ring helm crafted from tempered links, some lumium scale gloves crafted from tempered scales, some steel spiked knuckles with a tempered finish, some steel elbow spikes with a tempered finish, some steel knee spikes with a tempered finish, a lumpy bundle, a black leather sheath with a brass throat and tip, a lapis lazuli lockpick ring, a small steel skinning knife with a leather-wrapped hilt, a simple steel parry stick with a tempered finish, a black satin gem pouch clasped with a silver ruby-eyed scorpion, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a flowing black weathered clerical robe stitched with tiny silver scorpions on the hem, a flowing shadowy black silk cloak bearing a silver scorpion upon the shoulders, a silver cloak pin inlaid with an obsidian scorpion, some black suede boots with tiny scorpion-shaped rubies, a polished obsidian signet ring bearing the crest of the Demonan family, a gold medallion symbolizing dedication to Urrem'tier, an obsidian black scorpion forehead emblem, a scrimshawed ivory pendant hand-etched with the image of a skittering scorpion, an onyx ring inset with a cambrinth scorpion, some onyx prayer beads with a golden scorpion charm, a polished leather belt with a bastard sword and a throwing hammer hanging from it and an ebony silk devotional pouch beaded with tiny ruby scorpions.

-=[ RolePlay ]=-

  • -Necimar was among the first few Clerics brave enough to adventure in the realms. He took up worship of the much misunderstood God Urrem'tier, even in the face of mockery and disdain by his peers. For many years he went where his God told him, did what his God asked of him, and consistently kept his faith.
  • -For a brief period of time Necimar held the actual Pre Title of "Hand of Urrem'tier" at which some argued belong to Kraelyst. Those were reminded that each body has two hands, and while Kraelyst held the title for exerting Urrem'tier's physical will, it was Necimar whom held it for exerting the spiritual.
  • -He holds a great disdain for those in any position of "Official Power" over others, believing that all Peoples are servants of the Gods and not to other Mortals.

-=[ History ]=-

  • -Necimar was first created during the Beta stage of Dragonrealms and was among the last of the Trailblazers.
  • -He has rerolled one time.
  • -He is the adopted brother to Branwen, and Father of Alisianna and Mahwel.
  • -He was the first Cleric to follow Urrem'tier.
  • -He was mocked for choosing to wear platemail and use 2HE.
  • -Assisted in the Explorations of Leth Deriel and Riverhaven.
  • -He was the 9th Cleric to receive the Resurrection spell, alongside Ivjames and Kharsih.
  • -Moved to Riverhaven for two years.
  • -Married the Empath Athiane. (Alisianna was ICly inducted as child.)[Athiane left months later.]
  • -Moved around with Slaughterangel, Branwen, Wyett, Fenance, Ivjames, and Kharsih to explore the lands.
  • -Became unsatisfied with the disrespect the Gods were shown by Mortals and began to lash out violently against heretics.
  • -Led a small force of Clerics known as the "Clerics of Darkness."
  • -Married the Empath Damaria(Who ended up walking the starry road.)
  • -Was convinced by Branwen to return to the fold of peace.
  • -Married the Cleric Dianalanthalasa. Divorced 5 months later.
  • -Took an OOC break for just shy of 2 years.
  • -Returned to find many people were gone.
  • -Married the Barbarian Finnae(Who ended up walking the starry road.)
  • -Met and courted Clia. Clia retired from the realms.
  • -Joined the "Oblique" briefly before choosing to disassociate.
  • -Married Clia's sister Cyiarriah.
  • -Found the "Web Transition" frustrating and moved to Shard.
  • -Fought in the Gorbesh War alongside his wife.
  • -Fought in the Outcast War against Raenilar.
  • -Joined the Zoluren Dragoons under the Co-Commandership of Xixist and Elriic(Unit split into Ulf'hara's Fist/Dragoons.)
  • -Became a Lieutenant under his wife, Commander Cyiarriah.
  • -Fought off Naarg in the West.
  • -Investigated Mawitherarra.
  • -Donated materials to the construction of the Zoluren Orphanage.
  • -Retired from service when the Infantry was disbanded.
  • -Was an Article Writer for the Hentaraen Newsletter.
  • -Divorced Cyiarriah.
  • -Wandered off into the Wilds for a decade-long OOC sleep.
  • -Returned(2018) to find the world a much different place. Many of his friends and family missing.