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Status Active
Race Gor'Tog
Gender Male
Guild Commoner
Instance Prime


You see Muleoak, a Gor'Tog.

"Bring me more ale!" *hiccup*

Muleoak has a bunch of dried ale and foam all over a round face, ale-brown eyes and a crooked nose. He has bronze-green skin and a hefty build.

He is tall for a Gor'Tog.

He is wearing a rusty chain balaclava lined with stained leather, some filthy beggar's rags tied at the waist with a piece of frayed rope, some nondescript commoner's robes, a filthy canvas beggar's blanket, a sample of aged ale, a badly scuffed target shield, a dirt-covered backpack made of canvas, a dirty beggar's shroud of faded black material splotched with unidentifiable stains, a rusty chain shirt backed with tattered and stained leather, a badly dented iron parry stick, some rusty chain gloves lined with stained leather, a leather drunkard's belt covered with various stains and scars, a tarnished silver highwayman's flask, some baggy black trousers with a crookedly embroidered leather patch at the knee, some rusty chain greaves with tattered leather ties and a pair of brown boots caked in dried mud.