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Mudge Redbottom
Race Halfling
Gender Male
Guild Thief
Instance undisclosed


You are Prankster (a thief Delinquent) Mudge Redbottom, Cat Burglar of Elanthia, a Halfling.
You have crystal blue eyes. Your red hair is shoulder length and curly, and is worn in a tousled, finger-combed style. You have rosy skin.
You are clean shaven.
You are in good shape.

You are wearing a kyanite gwethdesuan, a jadeite gwethdesuan, some blackened steel-rimmed sun goggles with smudged lenses, a sage-green suede hooded longcoat clasped with large golden buttons, some paisley overalls embroidered with a half-eaten tart, a spiked medium shield enameled with the image of two juicy hams, a triple-lathed reinforced hickory crossbow, a battered black duffel bag, a bright orange backpack sloppily painted with multicolored stripes, a black and orange striped Tiger Clan jersey, a gold ring, a double-wrapped leather sword belt stamped and painted with dancing gypsy marauders, an indigo gem pouch, a glossy ebony-black sheath with darkened silver fittings and a waxed brown leather lootsack.