Mordiv's Fun House (1)

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Mordiv's Fun House
Event Hollow Eve Festival 399
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Game
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Mordiv's Fun House, Parlor]
Alternating light pink and ivory vertical stripes cover the walls, the colors vibrant and glossy thanks to several oil lamps along the walls. A cherrywood counter is draped with a scarlet red cloth and off to the side a cherrywood bookcase rests against the wall. Nearby, a small table stands under a large painting. In a corner, a featureless, unadorned mannequin makes jerky, mechanical movements. A quiet lullaby continually floats through the room. You also see a door.

[Mordiv's Fun House, Hidden Horrors]
The only light available is shed by a few small candles that rest atop a cracked and faded gloomwood counter in a far corner. A small chair and stool are obviously available for any customers to utilize while speaking with the man behind the counter, presumably Mordiv. In the corner opposite the counter and chairs, the silhouette of a large, purple-tinged door is barely visible. This area feels much cooler than the parlor, probably due to the lower elevation, lack of light, and cool, rock flooring. You also see a dark door, a small end table with a candle on it, a worn wooden counter with a small box with a note attached on it, a large display case, a wide black bucket, a chalkboard and a purple-tinged door with some faint writing on it.

  • Can be hazardous to your health
A small box reads:
 Fun Room Ticket Sales
In the small box
Item Price Done
Mordiv ticket 1,000   
In the display case
Item Price Done
witch bobblehead with a pointy purple hat 5,00   No
menacing pumpkin bobblehead with black painted features 5,00   No
skull bobblehead made hideous by cracks revealing green ooze 5,00   No
skeleton bobblehead wearing a black hooded cloak 5,00   No
large eyeball bobblehead with a deep purple iris 5,00   
In the black bucket
Item Price Done
dark glass bottle painted in white with a skull and crossbones 200   
Scoreboard Usage:
 {{com|READ}} {{tt|CHALKBOARD}} -- Read your own scores.
 {{com|READ}} {{tt|CHALKBOARD}} <player> -- Read someone else's scores.
 {{com|READ}} {{tt|CHALKBOARD ALL}} -- Read all scores.
 Any (higher) score supercedes a previous score.

You look at several markings on the scoreboard until you find the one that shows your scores.
 |     Scoreboard     |
 | Break-a-Leg:  None |
 | Sling-Shot:   None |
 | Fling:        None |
 ({{com|LOOK}} at the chalkboard for syntax help.)