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Moirea Delacroix
Race Elothean
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime


You see Chaid Ruhita Moirea Delacroix, Ruffian of the House of the Ivory Scroll, an Elothean. Moirea has a heart-shaped face with elegant arched eyebrows, gold-flecked blue-grey eyes, a classical nose and dimples. Her red-gold-streaked amber hair is very long and fine, and is worn loose. She has tanned skin and a svelte figure. She is in her prime for an Elothean. She has a tattoo of two foxes hiding in the brush while a green-clad hunter stalks nearby on her shoulder. She is in good shape.

  • Note, this is a rarity as Moirea usually looks beaten up

She is wearing an origami-paper envelope, a dotted gem pouch, a scorched leather alchemist's wristwrap, a gold band with a clear stone, a desert shroud, a smoky-black hooded silk robe lined with red silk and embroidered with an all-over pattern of faint grey spiderwebs, a target shield, a deep violet garter with silvery silk ribbons, a form-fitting beaded bodice with silken cross-straps, some shimmering black slippers patterned with fishscales, a delicate diamond tipped hairpin, a kyanite gwethdesuan, a jadeite gwethdesuan, some hammered gold toe bells, a silvery silk garter embroidered with small pink rosettes, an Empath "Off-duty" button, a serpentine cambrinth earcuff carved in the shape of an adder, an anklet of interlocked lightning bolts surrounding tiny cambrinth clouds, a teardrop cambrinth pendant, a scalloped golden chain anklet with dangling golden acorns, a polished cambrinth cloak pin inlaid with a snowy alabaster unicorn, a twisted cambrinth armband, a black leather supply pack stitched in dark thread, a green gem pouch and a twisted demon mask.

Moirea's Early Life

Moirea's life was fairly quiet until she turned about 15. Born to the nomadic Almia tribe in the Velaka desert she was being trained as a replacement for the old woman who had previously held the position of tribal healer. Moirea had accepted that her life would be prescribed for her and she would never travel or get to see anything outside of the desert. However, one day fate smiled on her and she met Dangelo Reevers, a handsome Gor'Tog Barbarian who became the first great love of her life. He was the one who introduced her to all the possibilities that the realms held, although he was never able to answer her greatest question- where is the actual Dragon? It was following his recommendation that she joined the empath guild under the direction of Annael in Crossing. The hardest part of this for her was that having grown up in the desert, she had little knowledge of the vast array of plantlife that Annael considers so central to the empathic way of life. After having many great adventures with him she was able to confidently set out on her own. When he passed away, she had a very hard time coping and nearly walked right into the cold embrace of Aldauth. Eventually, however, she was able to move on but she had grown accustomed to having a man by her side and bounced around for a bit until she met Daython, a young paladin who was beginning to make his mark on the lands. Falling in love again, she stayed with him until he became a member of the Theren Royal Court. Moirea, a strict anarchist, found the endless procession of teas and "meet and greets" mind-numbingly dull, so to liven it up a bit, she and her sister murdered a young daughter of the Royal family under full guard. Surprisingly, she escaped with her life that day as no one was able to locate her after the deed. Needless to say, this resulted in the end of her relationship with Daython, a change which she looks back on as having been a good thing.

Moirea's family

Born with the Almia surname, which all members of her tribe carried, she is now seen as an outcast by them, for having given up her last name which they view as a person's heritage. Moirea was adopted by Luceano Delacroix who met her while she was wandering the streets selling empathic services for cash. She took on his name and embraced the cause of the Church of Aldauth wholeheartedly. Having had a close and personal relationship with Aldauth and his animal, the vulture, up in the Velakan desert, the faith seems perfectly logical to her.